Last evening, Konatsu went for a walk with HANA.


I was shooting on auto, so after it got dark, all I got were out-of-focus photos.


It’s been about ten years since I got to know HANA. The other day, I had just made a copy of HANA’s old pictures on a CD and gave it to her owner, so we walked together for about half an hour while talking about the old days.


The photo above shows Konatsu and HANA in 2013, both of whom were slim. On the far left is Alex.


Now she has the dignity of a Miss (lol). 
And this morning, Konatsu came to wake me up at a little past five o’clock. She usually doesn’t do that, but for some reason this morning she was in a “take me for a walk early” mood.


At Shichirigahama park. Usually Anne is the first to arrive, but this morning Konatsu arrived too early, so Anne appeared just as Konatsu was leaving. After this, we decided to go to Enoshima…


The sun began to rise as we crossed the bridge.


After this, we went for another walk at Katase Fishing Port.


The market was not open yet.


It’s nice to take an early morning walk once in a while.



Now, when I say vaccines, it sounds like the third dose of COVID-19 vaccine, but it’s not, and today I went to get Konatsu’s parvo vaccine.


At this point, Konatsu looks happy, but she hates hospitals.

そして無事終了! ついでに体重測定したら18.7kg。前回よりほんの僅かだが減っていて良かった。

And it’s finished safely! In addition, weigh Konatsu, she weighs 18.7 kg. It was only slightly less than last time. It’s a little reassuring.


Konatsu was rampaging when she got home.
Don’t you like being taken to the hospital? Don’t take it on your bed! (lol) 


My wife and I have traveled to the Izu Peninsula. This time, we will stay overnight at Tokyu Harvest in Hakone and overnight at Izukogen Cuore in the Caro Group. I have introduced Harvest many times, so this time I will write it from the second day.


Fuji on the way down Route 1 from Hakone in the direction of Mishima, just past the Mishima Skywalk. I hadn’t decided at all which route to take to Izu-kogen that day, so I just headed for the middle of the Izu Peninsula.


This is the roadside station “Izu Tsukigase”, and we took the Izu Junkan Road south to get here.


From there, I decided to drive along the coastline of Nishiizu, which we had never been to, so I followed the route of Toi → Matsuzaki → over the mountains again and Izu Kogen.
On the way …


Mt. Fuji seen from Toi parking


Toi cherry blossoms, which are said to bloom the earliest in Japan, are already in bloom.


And where is this …


Two Lovers Point, a few kilometers south of Toi.


The view from here was wonderful, and there were no waves on this day, the sea was calm and it looked like a pool.


About an hour from here, we arrived at the hotel “Quore” on the day in Izu Kogen.


“Quore” is located just behind “Hannari” of the same Carlo group. Hannari is a Japanese-style concept, but Quore is a Western-style.


This is near the front desk.

私たちが泊った203号室    Room 203 where we stayed


There is an open-air bath outside the room, which feels great!


For an evening walk to a dog park.



And after this, it’s dinner time, which is one of the pleasures of traveling.


Konatsu dresses up and goes to a restaurant.

これがこなつの夕飯  This is Konatsu’s supper

私達のはこのメニュー   Our menu


That was really wonderful, thank you.



This is Nanarigahama this morning. Konatsu is with Mio and Ruhuna. Konatsu is with Mio and Ruhuna. They are Bernese Mountain Dog.


Mio is on the right and Ruhuna is on the left.


When big dogs are lined up, it is really powerful.


Konatsu try her best to get closer to Mio, but this is all she can do.


Konatsu flinched when Mio get closer like this. After all, it seems that Alex was special to Konatsu.


This is 2013 with Alex.


Similarly, with Alex & Bern. Now there are no more Barneys to get along with.


I put out nostalgic photos.



A security camera arrived from Amazon.


This is because there are a lot of burglaries in this area, and our town’s community association decided to subsidize the installation of security cameras. So I bought this right away.


When it comes time to install it, there are many other difficulties. We have a wifi router on the second floor of our house, but since this security camera works with a network connection, the signal cannot reach us as it is now. So we will install a wifi repeater in two places, one on the stairs and the other at the entrance, so that the signal can reach the camera outside the entrance.

「あれぇ、、、 接続できない、、、 おかしいなぁ、、、」なんてことを数時間繰り返してやっと接続できた!

I was finally able to connect by repeating things like “Oh … I can’t connect … It’s strange …” for several hours!


Meanwhile, Konatsu actively repeats the appeal, “Please play with me!”


Finally the camera installation is complete. When I test it, …

バッチリ映ってます! 外出先でもスマホで見ることができるし、マイクで話しかけることも出来る。怪しいヤツが来たら「オイ!見てるぞ!」って具合にね(笑)

It’s a perfect picture! I can see it on my phone when I’m out and about, and I can talk to it with the microphone. If someone suspicious comes, I can say, “Hey! I’m watching you! (lol)


Well, it’s best that nothing happens, but this gives me some peace of mind.



This is the evening walk the day before yesterday


When Konatsu found someone over there and approached him …


It was Shingen, a Kai Ken. He is about 4 or 5 years old now. Kai Ken is a Japanese dog. It is said that he is faithful to his owner and does not bark in vain.


As I walked, the area became dim …


When I got home, it was beautiful right after sunset. And it was very cold this morning the day after that.


Konatsu, who returned from the morning walk, seems to feel comfortable on the blanket and does not move from here.

歳を取って寒さに弱くなってきたのだろうか。。。 それともここの居心地が良いだけのこと?

I wonder if Konatsu has become vulnerable to the cold as she gets older .. Or is it just a cozy place here?



Around 12 o’clock in the middle of the night when I was already asleep, a loud warning sound was heard from my smartphone, and when I looked at the screen thinking it was an earthquake warning, it was a tsunami warning. It says about 50 cm, so I went to bed again. However, after that, the alarm sounds three or four times from both the smartphone and the tablet, so it is extremely disturbing to sleep. I turned off the power and finally slept undisturbed until morning. Looking at the news in the morning, it seems that a submarine volcano exploded in Tonga and a tsunami occurred, and many fishing boats sank in Japan as well. I was convinced that it was a bigger deal than I expected.


I had to go to Shitirigaham in the morning, so I went through the mountain course just in case, but when I saw the sea on the way, no surfer was in the sea today.


When I returned home and watched the news footage, it was said that a fairly large tsunami was flooding in Tonga and the damage was unknown. I have no choice but to pray that the inhabitants will not be damaged.

ご存知の方も多いかもしれませんが Floodmaps というサイトがあって、そこを見ると自分の家が何メートルの津波で水没するのかを見ることができます。用心のために見ておくのも良いと思います。

As many of you may know, there is a site called Floodmaps, where you can see how many meters of a tsunami will submerge your home. I think it’s a good idea to take a look as a precaution.



There is a local supermarket called Suzukiya in front of the station in Nishikamakura.


Now, in this Suzukiya meat section, pictures drawn by students from a kindergarten or elementary school in the neighborhood are on display.

よく見ると「KONATSU」と「HOWL」と名前が書かれています。実はコレ、七里ヶ浜でのこなつのお友達のハウル君ちの息子さんK君が描いてくれたんです。絵のタイトルにも書かれていますが、これは陸上混合リレーでハウル君が1着!、こなつが僅差の2着!3着以下を大きく引き離してゴール!という絵です。 K君、ありがとう!

If you look closely, the names “KONATSU” and “HOWL” are written. Actually, this was drawn by Kentaro, the son of Howl’s family, a friend of Konatsu at Nanarigahama. As mentioned in the title of the picture, this is a land mixed relay, and Howl is the first one! , Konatsu is the second place with a close margin! Goal by pulling away 3rd place or less! Thank you, Kentaro !


This is the actual Howl and Konatsu.

ハウル君、今年も宜しくね!  I hope you’re by my side forever.


By the way, this is the first home party this year. Since the rapid spread of infection has begun, this may be the timing to stop it for a while.


We ate a lot, drank a lot of wine and shochu, and it was a fun night!


Konatsu also has a fun face.



It was two days that I could enjoy driving on a snowy road for the first time in a long time. Yesterday, the Metropolitan Expressway was closed for most sections, but I was able to go to work because I could only pass the route from Yokohama Shindo to Metropolitan Expressway K1 Yokohane Line.

家の前の坂道は凍結していたけれど、タイヤはSUV専用のBLIZZAK DM-V3。凍結するとスタッドレスでも危ないのは承知しているが特に問題は無かった。

The slope in front of my house was frozen, but my tires are BLIZZAK DM-V3 for SUVs. I know that studless tires are dangerous if frozen, but there was no particular problem.


And today, the snow on the road was almost gone, but when I arrived at Shitirigahama park, …


There was still so much snow in some places.


Konatsu has been in high tension since it snowed.



My doctor actively recommends a gastrocamera, saying, “When you reach your age, please come to the gastrocamera once a year.” So I went to the stomach examination today.


I made a reservation at 7:45, so I got up early and finished Konatsu’s walk, and went to the clinic …


I was reading this book while I was waiting. It’s very scrutinized and interesting, but as one of the fans, the last part is still sad.



And since the gastrocamera examination uses anesthesia, it was over when I noticed. In addition to collecting blood, he also did various other tests, all of which were normal and healthy!


This clinic also has a cafe like this, where you can have breakfast while you wait for the test results. I didn’t have breakfast this morning so I decided to eat here.


It was a healthy menu recommended by the doctor, but it was delicious.


When I finished the checkout and went outside, it was starting to snow.


This is Yanagawa Clinic in Nishikamakura.


When I got home, Konatsu enthusiastically welcomed me while kicking my slippers at the front door.


It’s a happy moment!



This year, I can spend two more days relaxing because of the winter holidays until January 6th.


So today I went to Katase Suwa Shrine. The other day, I went to Ryukomyō Shrine near my house, and my family has always put the good luck charm of Suwa Shrine on the household shrine. So today is the real visiting.


We think goodluck charms are holly items. So we bring the old charms to the shrine. At the shrine, Shinto rriests burn those old charms with praying. We call it “Otakiage”


A statue of such a dog was placed right next to the “Otakiage” place, and Konatsu who saw it from a distance rushed in, mistaking it as a real dog. However, when she realized that it was just a statue,she said “What?”



It’s a “Omikuji” Omikuji is a fortune-telling paper slip. So I tried Omikuji.
What’ the verdict? … It’s 大吉 extremely good !



I went to “Hatsumode” in the morning of New Year’s Day. Hatsumode is the first shirine visit of the year. There is “Ryukomyō Shrine”, which is a 3-minute walk from my house, and when I looked it up, it was built in 552 and is the oldest shrine in Kamakura.


Above is the main deity “Five heads dragon”. Legend has it that this “Five heads dragon” and “Benzaiten” at Enoshima Shrine are a married couple. There is a legend that if you visit Benzaiten as a couple, the couple will break up because Benten is jealous, but in the case of Enoshima Shrine, “You are not visiting Benten’s husband Five Heads Dragon, Benten get angry with it and break up the couple. “ Therefore, if you visit Ryukomyō Shrine → Enoshima Shrine in that order, you will not get angry with Benten, but rather the feminine energy of Enoshima Shrine (goddess) and the masculine energy of Ryukomyō Shrine (Ryujin) are combined. It is said that the balance between yin and yang will be adjusted and the power of good luck will increase.


Konatsu is also visiting.


This is the end of the first visit


I hope Konatsu is healthy and has a good year.



Somehow, “Hatsuhinode” makes me feel like I have to go. Hatsuhinode is the first sunrise of the year. In Japan, it is celebrated as the first crack of dawn once a year and lot of people visit to see the Hatsuhinode. So, I went to the coast of Shichirihama again this year.


Since R134 is in heavy traffic, I arrived 5 minutes before sunrise time via the road from Mt. Kamakura to Shichirigahama. Just on time! There were already a lot of people


Mt. Fuji in the morning glow is also beautiful.


It is the first sunrise at 06:51 am. Even though it is the same as usual, I feel congratulations on the first sunrise for some reason.


Konatsu walks while avoiding the crowds, and then heads to the usual park …


New Year greetings to Anzu.


Then I went home and had a New Year celebration.

May this year be a good year!