I hadn’t shampooed Konatsu for a while, so I decided to do it…


Konatsu, who hates baths, does not yet understand the time of fear that is creeping up on her.


But that will soon become a reality. lol


When I started the shower, Konatsu ran around even in the small bathroom, and the photo above shows her finally taking a stand and rinsing off the shampoo.


Since the weather was nice today, I decided to dry Konatsu on the balcony.


It looks dry, but it’s still soaking wet.


To finish, bring an ironing board to the balcony, place Konatsu on it, and dry it. This is because Konatsu will run around if you try to dry her normally, so I put her on the ironing board to prevent her from escaping.


The final step is to brush the hair to finish the process.


That’s a task that takes two people, my wife and I, to do.



I decided to go see the cherry blossoms on Mt. Kamakura during our walk.


From here, we will climb the mountain.


When we reached the top of the stairs, we could see Enoshima Island.


From here, the road continues to be relatively flat.


They’re already in full bloom.


In the past, this road used to be jammed with cherry blossom viewing cars during the cherry blossom season. However, now that the cherry trees have become old and their blossoms have diminished, the traffic jam no longer exists.


After about an hour’s walk, we came back near our house and saw Luna.


Is she already 15 or 16 years old? Luna, who is now a very old girl, took a walk in a cart today.


Konatsu loves Luna’s owner and is happy to be petted for a while.


If we reach this point, our home is almost here.


I’m home !



Health checkup for Konatsu.
It is time for filaria testing and rabies vaccinations. Konatsu is a senior dog, so we have been doing detailed blood tests at the same time for several years, and we went to the veterinary clinic today.


As usual, Konatsu, who hates clinic, starts shivering as he enters the waiting room. But for some reason, she also goes to check on the examination room.


Since only Konatsu visited the clinic today, the doctor spent plenty of time examining her.


The doctor and I talked about Konatsu’s blog, so I was allowed to take these pictures. Once Konatsu is on the examination table, she becomes quiet and does as she is told, no matter what is done to her.


Negative for filaria, no problem!

その他の血液検査の結果は、、、昨年まではPCV・血液の濃度が濃かったが今年は正常値に戻った。食事管理が上手くいってるのでしょうとの事で良かった。 一方で、ALT・肝酵素の数値が高く、慢性肝炎かもしれない。これは1ヶ月後に再検査になった。

The other blood test results were: PCV/blood concentration was high until last year, but returned to normal this year. I am glad to hear that the diet control is going well. On the other hand, ALT/liver enzymes were high and may be chronic hepatitis. This will be rechecked in a month.


And one more thing.


This is a prophylactic eye drop for cataracts. Konatsu was examined by a testing machine.
The lens of the eye is a protein, but due to oxidation (=aging), its components are lost and it becomes cloudy. In the process, the lens becomes distorted at first, and when this happens, light is diffusely reflected and the lens appears white. Konatsu is now in this state, and although the lens is not yet cloudy, it was decided to use eye drops in the future as a preventive measure. Overall, there are no major problems and she still seems to be in good health.



It had been a long time since I went to a concert, and since Covid-19 expanded, many of the scheduled concerts were cancelled, so I didn’t get a chance to go. I don’t remember exactly, but it’s been probably about two years since I’ve been to a concert.


On the way to Suntory Hall, here around Toranomon. Konatsu is on boarding with us.


The highway wasn’t busy, so we got there in a little over an hour from home!


Today is a duo recital by these two musicians. Daishin Kashimoto is the concertmaster of the Berlin Philharmonic, and Yu Kosuge is a pianist living in Germany and active in Europe, a combination that is not often heard in Japan. We had a very good time.


This is the program of the day. After the end of the program, my wife said, “I think Daishin’s violin sound has changed.” I checked the Internet and found out that he was playing “Do Berio” by Guarneri del Gesu, which he had recently acquired, and this was the first time he had played this piece in Japan. It was great that she noticed that.


Here is a video of Daishin Kashimoto. This is a rare duo with Simon Rattle.


This is the Violin Concerto by Saint-Saens. Nice piece.

こちらが小菅 優       This is Yu Kosuge.



It was a late-night earthquake.
Right after I turned off the TV and got into bed, I thought, “Huh? Earthquake. The shaking gradually increased, and Konatsu seemed surprised to see what was going on.


I hurriedly turned on the TV and saw that another earthquake had hit the Tohoku region, this time measuring 6 on the Japanese seismic scale. I can only hope that the people in that area must have been scared and that the damage was minimal.


I was watching the JMA conference and found this data. They said that the tremor was transmitted to Kamakura, where I live, in 55 seconds after the earthquake warning was issued. The “0” in the center means that the earthquake had already shaken when the warning was issued. If it had been a huge earthquake, we wouldn’t have been able to escape.


This earthquake is said to have a magnitude of 7.4, but even so, the Tohoku Expressway broke ground and the Shinkansen bullet train derailed. This reminds us of how powerful the 2011 earthquake was, which measured 9.0 on the Richter scale.


On a different note, construction began this morning at a neighbor’s house, and the noise made Konatsu somewhat restless.


Looking down at the construction vehicles, Konatsu’s body jerks when she hears a loud noise (lol).


Meanwhile, the garden is gradually becoming more like spring.


I have 5 consecutive holidays starting today. I’m thinking of taking Konatsu somewhere, but the weather is doubtful…

20日間、ウクライナはロシアの占領者の行為に苦しんでいる。 疲労とあらゆるリスクにもかかわらず、飼育員は動物を助けるために最善を尽くし続けています。今日、チームUAnimalsは、いくつかのシェルターに彼らの動物たちを助ける資金的な援助を提供しました。今日Kyivのボランティアは、ペットのために食べ物を買う余裕のない住民に食料を配りました。
エキサイティングなニュースがあります。 封鎖されたゴストメルシェルターでのこと、今日78歳の施設主人が大活躍をし、シェルターに水を運んでくれる発電機を持ってきてくれました。 彼と一緒に、ガソリン70リットル、ドッグフード500kg、シェルタースタッフのためにフードを寄付しました。 これでシェルターの住民が生き残るのに役立つ。

More news from Ukraine today.
For 20 days, Ukraine has suffered from the actions of its Russian occupiers. Despite fatigue and all the risks, keepers continue to do their best to help the animals. Today, Team UAnimals provided financial assistance to several shelters to help their animals. Today Kyiv volunteers distributed food to residents who could not afford to buy food for their pets.
Some exciting news. At the blockaded Gostomel shelter, today the 78 year old facility owner did a great job and brought a generator that will bring water to the shelter. Together with him we donated 70 liters of gasoline, 500 kg of dog food, and food for the shelter staff. This will help the shelter residents survive.



Last night we had my wife’s friends over for dinner.


Food preparation begins around noon and is completed just before the guests’ arrival.


I was so engrossed in eating, drinking, and talking last night that I forgot to take a picture of Konatsu.


Overnight, today is as hot as early summer, passing through spring. It is currently 22 degrees Celsius.

こなつは元気です!     Konatsu is fine!


Well, the 18th day of war is over in Ukraine and things still seem to be difficult for pets.

そんな状況の中、避難所から70匹の猫がポーランドに移動できたなんて話も伝わってきています。facebookのUAnimal のページより

From UANimal’s Facebook page, we learn that 70 cats were able to move from the shelter to Poland.


UAnimal の facebook より

ウクライナでは、ロシアの侵略者との戦争が2週間以上続いています。 このような厳しい状況の中、UAnimalsチームは動物の救助を続けています。
さらに、動物病院「アスティ」(Pechenizskaya 35番地)に、病気の動物のための薬や器具、飼料を購入するための資金を提供しました。このクリニックでは、負傷した動物の治療を無料で行っています。

Day 15 of WAR: Animal rescue status.
The war with the Russian invaders has been going on in Ukraine for more than two weeks. In such difficult conditions, UAnimals team continues to rescue animals.
Unfortunately, the situation is critical for many shelters. Many of them are still blocked by Russian troops and are in the area of ​​active shelling. It is impossible to get to such shelters, especially since it is not possible to evacuate animals from there. This means that with each passing day, the lives of every animal in blocked shelters are becoming more and more endangered. We try to stay in touch with shelter owners and look for ways to save animals.
Today we helped the Kyiv Botanical Garden by providing it with 100 kg of fodder. In the garden, local volunteers sheltered hungry animals from the private sector nearby. They also helped with horse feed at the Kyiv Hippodrome.
In addition, our team provided funds to the veterinary clinic “Asti” (Pechenizskaya 35) for the purchase of medicines, equipment and feed for sick animals. This clinic provides free treatment for injured animals.
Besides, assistance from UAnimals was sent to Kharkiv Zoo. Another 1,100 kg of feed we sent for the needs of Odessa animals.
Today, UAnimals team began evacuating two bears and a wolf from Chernivtsi and Kamianets-Podilskyi to Romania.
We do not forget to monitor the situation with animals in small towns and villages and situationally help local shelters.
UAnimals team is sincerely grateful to you for your support during these difficult days for Ukraine. Everything will be Ukraine! 🇺🇦




I realized that I had not been to Kamakura Central Park in the past year or so, so I decided to go for a walk with Konatsu.


Follow the Shonan Monorail to Machiya, and from there climb up Mt. Kikyo to find Kamakura Central Park.


Main entrance. Parking here is by reservation only, so I called yesterday.


When we arrived at the parking lot, “Where am I?” It looks like she’s saying. Maybe because it was an unfamiliar place.


As the name “Central Park” suggests, it is located in the middle of Kamakura City.


There are not that many people, and Konatsu is walking briskly, wagging her tail.


Every once in a while I pass by and all I see are people walking their dogs. Today I saw about 10 dogs in one hour.


Walking through the entire park is quite a tough course up and down the mountain.


Well, the last one today is from Ukraine.



Everyday I look at facebook and see one after another updates on the UAnimals page about the pets. In Japan, the news coverage is rather pro-Ukrainian, but in the rest of the world, I am sure there are many different reports depending on the position of each country. Still, attacks on unarmed civilians are not acceptable, and the pets are only victims.


All images are shared from UAnimals on facebook.


We can only hope that both the dogs and their owners are safe. This is the least I can do, but I hope it will convey the message that there are people in faraway Japan who care about the dogs and their owners.



In the last few days, I’m more interested in the news from Ukraine than COVID-19.
But we have to be careful with COVID-19. Such being the case…


Today my wife went for her third round of vaccinations. The venue is Kamakura City Hall (building on the right)



My wife had a tough time with adverse reactions both the first and second time, but I’m not sure about this time. She has been home for 3 hours after the vaccination and so far seems to be fine.


Konatsu, 12 years and 3 days old, playing with a gift she received.


I like the towel with her name and initials on it.
Konatsu is living comfortably without any worries, but on the other hand, news of pets is coming from Ukraine, and I feel unbearable when I see articles about pets and not being able to evacuate because of them.


I borrowed the photo from UAnimals facebook.


Does anyone have contact information for Golgo 13? lol



I will start today with Konatsu’s composed face.


Konatsu, who turned 12 years old, also received a birthday present from a fellow doggie in the neighborhood.


Konatsu immediately started playing with the stuffed animals. She loves to hear them beep.


I won’t let this go! It’s like…


Konatsu noticed my wife cooking something in the kitchen and looked at her.


This was it. Chirashi- Sushi to celebrate Konatsu’s 12th birthday.


You make a cute face when you have food in front of you, lol.


First plate, finished. But there is more to come.


Next, a hamburger plate.

更に、バースデーケーキも! ちょっと食べ過ぎだけど、1年に1回くらいは良いよね。

Plus, birthday cake! A little too much food, but I’ll tolerate it once a year.


If possible, I would like Konatsu to be like this.



Today is Konatsu’s 12th birthday. Konatsu became a part of our family when she was a puppy of about 5 months old, but it seems like it was just a while ago. We must be getting older too.


This was about a month after Konatsu came to our house.

Recently, Konatsu’s legs and feet have started to deteriorate a little. For example, she hesitates when getting in and out of the car. For example, when getting in and out of the car, he hesitates and waits without moving as if she is waiting to be carried, or she steps off the stairs at home. Konatsu runs well at the dogpark, so I don’t think we need to worry about her, but we do need to watch her carefully.



We have the Doll Festival on March 3. It’s the day to pray for healthy growth and happiness for young girls. Most families with girls display dolls called Hina-ningyo. This is my daughter’s doll, but it’s also for Konatsu.


This one is from my wife’s childhood.