In December, it gets darker around the time of evening walks, and Konatsu’s black hair makes her hard to be seen, so there are concerns about various accidents. So I bought one like this for walking.


It is a light that hangs around Konatsu’s neck…


The size can be adjusted by cutting the glowing part with scissors.


It costs about 1,000 yen on Amazon.


It stands out so much even in a bright place…


This is what it looks like when the lights are off and the room is dark.


And when it is completely dark, it looks like this. It stands out and can be recognized by cars and bicycles.


It’s a small thing, but it might make my walk more enjoyable.



Lately we have been traveling frequently, but it has been in the spirit of making as many happy memories as possible while Konatsu is still in good health. On this particular day, we went to Manyo Park in Yugawara.


I did not know this, but Manyo Park was renewed last year. I thought it looked different from when I visited there before, but that was the reason.


I remember that the park used to have a more gentle slope, but this time I felt that the ups and downs were quite steep.


Even in such a place, Konatsu was still able to walk well.


It was just about lunchtime, so we decided to have lunch at a café terrace near the entrance.


This is what we had for lunch.


This carrot and potato salad sandwich is delicious! The bread is lightly baked and has a nice texture.


Leaving the park, we walked around the hot spring resort area…


This building doesn’t look like a bank, but it is Suruga Bank. Is there a footbath?


I took a peek and sure enough, there is a footbath. But who would use a footbath while visiting a bank? Well, it seems like a bank in a hot spring resort area.


There was an old-fashioned Japanese sweets shop near the bank, so we went there.


The dumplings were delicious.


We stayed at Tokyu Harvest Club Atami Izusan.


Still, this past week’s soccer World Cup has been full of surprises.


I never imagined this would happen.

日本の国旗がこんなことに。。。  笑っちゃうね

I can’t help laughing at the Japanese flag.



Today, we invited our friends to a home party at our house. It was the day of the World Cup soccer match between Japan and Costa Rica, so we planned to enjoy the party while watching the live TV broadcast.


When Konatsu saw us getting ready, she sensed that someone was coming tonight,


so she went down to the front door and waited. When they don’t arrive, she sometimes goes to the window on the stairs to see what is going on outside. I am impressed by Konatsu’s ability to sense things at times like this.


Soon everyone arrives and the party begins!


Oh, my wife’s cooking is really enthusiastic right from the appetizer!


Assorted Japanese pickles


Taro simmered with kabosu (a type of citrus fruit), the flavor of the taro is enhanced by the kabosu.


As the party progressed and we were feeling tipsy and comfortable, the game kicked off. I was watching the game thinking that there was no way they could lose…


Gratin of Shimonita leek and shiitake mushroom


The day before this, I went to Gunma on a business trip and bought some Shimonita leeks from the production area. It is an ingredient that feels like winter as it is just entering its season.


Sashimi I ordered from a local fishmonger. As soon as this appears on the table, Konatsu’s appeal begins!

それ、ワタシの分もあるよね!と鋭い視線(笑) こなつ用には別のお刺身を用意してある。

You have some for me, too, right? she looked at me sharply (lol). I have prepared other sashimi for Konatsu.


It is a moment of happiness for Konatsu!

3種類のコロッケ コンビーフ、鮭、コーン

Three kinds of Korokke, which is like a Japanese croquette.

試合後半26分、伊東が倒されPKかと思ったが僅かにエリアの外だった。このフリーキックも得点できず、この直後に失点してまさかの敗戦。。。 茫然としてこの後の料理の写真は全く撮っていなかった。後味の悪い試合結果となってしまった、、、

In the 26th minute of the second half of the match, Ito was knocked down and it looked like a penalty kick, but it was just outside the area. The free kick was not scored, Japan lost a goal right after this! I was so stunned that I did not take any pictures of the food after the game. The result of the game was not so good…




Before I left, I thought it would be a long trip, but the good times are flying by. There is only one day left.


The last day of our stay in Regina. The restaurant was full, so we decided to go to a nearby restaurant.


It is a 5 minute walk from Regina, and as you can see from the doggie sign, this place is dog friendly.


The food here is apparently casual French cuisine, with buckwheat galette as the main dish. We immediately ordered this and that, and…


We started with an assortment of appetizers.


Potage of edamame


Shiitake mushrooms with gorgonzola gratin

メインのガレット。 こえはママの、ホタテ・キノコ・ジャガイモのガレット

The main dish was a galette. This is the scallop, mushroom, and potato galette that my wife ordered.

私は、若鳥・キノコ・ポロネギのガレット  ママのも味見したけどどっちも美味しい!

I had the young chicken, mushrooms, and leek galette. I tasted my wife’s and they were both delicious!


Crepes for dessert


It was a very nice and relaxing place. Konatsu also got some galette and crepes to relax!


On the way back to Regina, I could see so many stars in my snapshots. In fact, the starry sky was so beautiful that it could not be seen in the city.


The next morning, while walking Konatsu, I went to a nearby bakery to buy bread for breakfast.


This is what we had for breakfast.

レジーナのドアマンのおじさんに記念撮影をお願いして、今回の旅行で最初で最後のスリーショットだ。レジーナリゾートでの3泊4日の滞在はとても快適で、もう次回の予約をしてしまった(笑)。 チェックアウト後はツルヤであれやこれやと買い物をして、、、

I asked the doorman of Regina to take a commemorative photo of us, the first and last family shots of our trip. We were so comfortable during our 4-day/3-night stay at the Regina Resort that I have already made a reservation for our next visit (lol). After checking out, we went shopping at Tsuruya.


My last lunch in Karuizawa was at a soba restaurant, Toma.


This is another soba restaurant where you can have a meal with your dog on the terrace, and after we entered the restaurant, people came one after another with their dogs.


Japanese-style omlet. This is delicious!


The taste of the soba noodles here is similar to that of “Kosuzu” in Kamakura. Of course it is delicious.


We also had dessert!


This was the end of our trip…


It took us 4 hours to get home on the Joshin-etsu Expressway. I want to come back again…



After arriving in Karuizawa, we decided to relax and stay without any particular plans. We went to Thaliassen for a walk with Konatsu.


This place is like a park around the lakeside of Lake Shiozawa, with museums and old buildings.


This is the old Asabuki Villa. It was built in 1931 and is said to be one of the finest villas in Karuizawa.


Well, I have no connection to it, but…


The Peinet Museum, with works by Raymond Peinet. I have some connection with Peinet’s works…

リトグラフで高価なものじゃないけど我が家にもある。タリアセンは散策するのには良い場所です。 この翌日は小諸市の飯綱山公園にあるドッグランに行ってみた。

It’s a lithograph, not an expensive one, but it’s in my house. Thaliassen is a nice place to stroll around. The day after this, we went to the dog park in Komoro City.


There is a parking lot in the middle of the mountain, and it is quite hard to climb up to the top from there.


The one below is a dog park for small dogs, and the one where I am is for large dogs.


Konatsu doesn’t run much these days, but she used to run a lot here.


We left the dog park early and went to the top of the park. The autumn leaves are beautiful here, too.


We returned to Regina and took some pictures. The inside of the hotel was already decorated for Christmas. Let’s go have dinner. Now, let’s go have dinner.


This is the menu for the first day in Regina.


The food here is always delicious! And I love that I can eat with my dog.

これはこなつ用の 秋鮭と野菜 ↑

This is for Konatsu. Autumn salmon and vegetables.

蒸し鶏の胸肉と野菜 ↑  こんなの毎日食べてたらまたダイエットやり直しだ(笑)

Steamed chicken breast and vegetables ↑ If I eat like this every day, I’ll have to start my diet all over again, lol.


Konatsu seems to know that the food here is delicious, and when we go to the restaurant, she walks fast with her tail wagging.



The day before, it had been over 20 degrees Celsius every day, but on this day, the morning temperature was 2 degrees Celsius. It was cold!


The hotel staff told me that there was a place where dogs can run near the hotel, so I went there.


After walking for about 10 minutes, I found a place surrounded by a net.


Happo One Ski Resort is right there. It will be ski season soon!


After checking out of the hotel, we headed for Karuizawa, but a short detour would take us to Togakushi Village (now Nagano City). Since I had come to Nagano, I wanted to eat delicious Soba, so I searched for Soba restaurant on my smart phone.


An apple orchard on the way to Togakushi. The red band in the center is a harvested apples.


Beautiful scenery!


This is Togakushi Shrine. In this picture, tourists seem to be sparse, but I was surprised that there were actually quite a lot of them. I don’t know if it is because there are many soba lovers or because of the travel discount.


All the soba restaurants introduced on the Internet are very crowded, so we looked for a place that seemed to be quiet and decided to go here.


I chose Sanmi Soba. The tare (sauce) are, from left to right: ikusa (egoma), soy sauce, and sesame walnut.


My wife ordered hot soba noodles.
I later found out that this restaurant has been in business for more than 50 years, and their soba soft serve ice cream is a masterpiece that no other restaurant can imitate. It’s too late!


It was one of the pleasures of travel to move around without a fixed schedule. It takes about one and a half hours from here to Karuizawa via Joshinetsu Expressway.


From this day until the last day, we will spend 3 nights and 4 days here at Regina Resort Karuizawa Mikage.


Konatsu seemed to be a little tired because we traveled long distances every day and walked in unfamiliar places during the first half of this trip. So it was a good decision to choose this familiar place for the last part of the trip, and Konatsu gradually regained her energy. I will post more about our stay in Karuizawa at a later date.



Morning of the third day.


When we take Konatsu out for a morning walk, the early morning hot spring resort is still quiet , and we only encounter people walking their dogs who seem to be staying at the same hotel as us.


A sign telling the 400-year history of this cedar tree


The hotel restaurant. You can bring your dog to eat and there is a menu for dogs, so Konatsu had the hotel’s doggy meal last night and this morning.


I didn’t show you a picture of the rooms, but all the rooms here are Japanese-style rooms with dog-friendly tatami mats and beds on them. It was a cozy room.


We checked out early and headed to our next destination, Kanazawa.


It takes about one hour from here to Kanazawa. We did not take the expressway, but drove on Route 8.


The first place we visited in Kanazawa was a long-established Japanese sweets shop called Morihachi. There used to be a branch of this shop in Kamakura, where I live, but it is no longer there. My wife bought some wagashi that can only be bought here.


This is the Omicho Market, famous for its seafood. 170 fresh fish stores and restaurants…


The crab fishing season has just started, and the market is very crowded.


It was a bit awkward to eat in this crowd. We made a reservation at a sushi restaurant near Kanazawa station.


chef’s choice 10 pcs. sushi

旨かった~! 写真の最後にあるように、こなつも入店させてもらえた。

It’s a masterpiece! As you can see at the end of the picture, Konatsu was allowed to enter the sushi restaurant.


After a delicious lunch, we drove on the Hokuriku Expressway from here to Hakuba, our lodging for the day.


Driving along the Japan Sea from Ishikawa to Toyama to Niigata prefectures, exit the highway at the Itoigawa IC and head south toward Hakuba.


At 16:30, we arrived at Grass House, a petit hotel in Hakuba.


We were greeted by Mei-chan, the poster dog here, a 7-year-old golden retriever. How cute!
After a short rest in the room, it was time for dinner.


The meals here are prepared with home-grown vegetables from the farm behind the hotel and local ingredients.


The main dish was beef for me (left) and chicken for my wife (right).


Konatsu’s meals were also made with their special ingredients.

この日、私の車の走行距離が20万kmを突破! まだ6年に満たないんだけどね(笑)

On this day, my car’s mileage hit the 200,000 km mark! It’s still less than 6 years old, lol.
The temperature is 24 degrees Celsius in Komatsu City at around 10 in the morning. When we arrived in Hakuba, the temperature had dropped to 10 degrees Celsius.



This day is actually November 12, the day we move from the Pacific Ocean side to the Sea of Japan side, so we finish our morning walk early and leave as soon as we eat breakfast.


This is Lake Hamanako. Konatsu is afraid of ocean waves, but she is not afraid of small waves on the lake. This is how she was walking.


This is Unagi, a black goat. The last time we were here, he was a baby goat, but he has grown up to be this big.


After a quick breakfast, we left for our next destination. On this day, we drive on the Tomei Expressway – Meishin Expressway – Hokuriku Expressway.


When I saw a sign that said “Kyoto,” I felt we had come a long way. We passed through Nagoya, and then…


We got off at the Maibara IC and headed for Nagahama because of the traffic jam ahead.


We followed the red dots on the Meishin Expressway, got off at Maibara, and took a break at a park called “Lakeside Park” on the way to Nagahama.


This is Lake Biwa. Compared to Lake Hamanako where we were this morning, Lake Biwa is much larger. We had only seen it from the window of the Shinkansen, but standing on the lakeshore, we could really feel the size of the lake.


Again, Konatsu played in this way.


Arrived at Nagahama City around noon.


We had lunch at 96 Cafe (Kuro Cafe), where you can bring your dog.


After lunch, we walked around the area called Kurokabe Square. I had no prior knowledge of the area, but I found it to be an unexpectedly nice neighborhood…


While we were walking around like this…


We found this Japanese sweets shop. The menu outside looked delicious, and we asked if we could eat there. They said yes.


There are few pedestrians on the street, so this is not a problem for Konatsu.


You can imagine the inside of the Mont Blanc as a dorayaki. It was so good!
Nagahama was such a nice place that I would like to come back again.


After that, we drove on the Hokuriku Expressway toward Komatsu, and…


We arrived at YU-KAI Wan-Wan Resort in Awazu Onsen. It was a Saturday night, and the room was full, and it was a hard state to put it in the parking lot. We stayed here on the second day.




This year my wife and I both turned 70. So we started planning a trip in the summer to celebrate. Now in Japan, there is a campaign called “Travel Discount,” which offers a 40% discount on the price of travel anywhere in Japan.

So we are going to leave home on this day and drive a little bit each day to the Sea of Japan. On the first day, we will visit the family temple in Fujieda, stay overnight in Hamamatsu, and go to Awazu Onsen in Ishikawa Prefecture via Lake Biwa on the second day.


The first day was the first visit to the gravesite after a half year’s absence.


This is Monju, the temple’s dog.


This dog is Ashuku, which is a Buddhist name for a temple dog.


After that, we proceeded all the way to Hamanako, and what you see is the ropeway of Tateyama-ji Temple.


Hamamatsu is famous for eel dishes and gyoza (dumplings), so we bought some gyoza (dumplings) here and…


After that, we took out eel dishes at Shimizuya, and checked in at Tokyu Harvest Hamanako, where we stayed today.


The first day of our long trip ended like this.



I always go to Shichirigahama for my morning walk, but I don’t often go to the beach, so I went there today.


Konatsu was walking well because there were few people.


Looking up at the road, the second cream-colored building from the left is the birthplace of ballet in Japan. In 1927, a Russian exile named Pavlova opened a ballet school here.


Walking along the surf with Konatsu


Sometimes large waves come close to our feet.


Konatsu, who hates water, runs away in a hurry. (lol)


She seems to be saying, “If I want to walk, this is the best place to walk…”


This is the Yukiai River flowing into Shichirigahama-beach.


Let’s go up these stairs and walk on the embankment.


There is a cafe-restaurant when we walk in the parking lot.


This is a great location to relax and enjoy the view of the ocean!


They have a full menu!


Feels so good to come to the ocean on such a warm, sunny day!



My wife’s physical therapy treatment was early in the morning, so afterwards we had breakfast with Konatsu on the terrace of a nearby bakery, Mont Peche Mignon.


Konatsu was in a state of undress, and what was she doing?


She can see my wife buying bread in front of her, so she is following it with her eyes.


My wife also took a picture of Konatsu from inside the bakery.


She had also bought a milk bread for Konatsu, in addition to ours.


I don’t mean to give all of them to Konatsu, but…


I repeat this 4 or 5 times, saying, “Just a little bit”.


Let’s brush your teeth when we get home! (lol)



On this particular day, I was driving through the center of Kamakura City. I know this article sounds like a tourist guide, but…

朝比奈ICから鎌倉に向かい、八幡宮のすぐ手前にある 「Maker’s shirts 鎌倉」通称は鎌倉シャツ。品質が良くて着心地も良いから私のYシャツはここのが多い。

Heading toward Kamakura from the Asahina IC, just before Hachimangu Shrine, you will find “Maker’s shirts Kamakura,” also known as Kamakura Shirts. My shirts are usually made here because of their high quality and comfort.


Two hundred meters further on, you will see the third tori-i gate. This is the entrance to Tsurugaoka Hachiman Shrine.


It was a weekday, but there were many tourists.


Driving along Dankazura steps in front of Hachimangu Shrine, you will see…


Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Kamakura branch. It was a Polo Ralph Lauren store until more than 10 years ago, modeled after the store on Fifth Avenue in New York, but it was regrettably closed, and the New York store closed five years ago. I feel the passage of time.


Passing through the second toriーi gate, we proceeded in the direction of the sea.


There are so many tourist buses in front of, behind, and in the parking lot. But there were not many people on the beach. Where have they all gone? Maybe visiting temples?


We drove along the coast for a while until we came to Inamuragasaki.


There was a group of people who seemed to be filming for TV.


This person seemed to be the main character, but I don’t know who he is.


Inamuragasaki has a natural hot spring. It has a short history and was discovered when they dug a well in 2000.


This is a scenery that always appears when this area is introduced on TV. Enoshima Island and Mt. Fuji


Sunrise Shack, a cafe where you can bring your dog. This is the place that gave me a parking ticket when I entered the parking lot without my wallet a few years ago. This is my favorite cafe by the sea. It’s obvious, lol.


This road R134 from Enoshima to Kamakura is always congested.


The railroad crossing in front of Kamakura High School, a sacred place for the anime “Slam Dunk”. It is always full of people.


And then, we came home. thank you for reading.



When I came home from work, my wife told me that today was the day of the total lunar eclipse, so I went out on the balcony.


This is the western direction. The moon was visible in the east, just at the time of the total lunar eclipse.


This is the best I could do with my camera. The shutter speed was 1/2 second without using a tripod.  Now, it wasn’t so bad.


When I went out on the balcony again after dinner, the lunar eclipse was almost over.



This is the number of visits to my blog over the past year by country. I am not able to show all of them, but in fact there were accesses from 87 countries. Konatsu is a mutt rescued dog, and it is fun just to imagine how people in different places feel about her life.



I tried to cut Konatsu’s body hair about 2 months ago, but when the hair grew longer, the unevenness became more noticeable. ↓


So this time, I decided to have Konatsu’s hair trimmed at her veterinary clinic. It is probably cheaper than at other trimming stores.


Her belly, back, buttocks, and tail are now shorter and cleaner.


Konatsu has 4 months to go until she turns 13 years old. She still has seven years to go until her goal of turning 20, but she has come this far in good health. Weighed 200g less than last month, now 18.7kg, no physical problems so far!



There are many autumnal foods, and chestnuts are one of them. My wife bought large chestnuts and cooked them.


Can I have some too?


And here’s the finished dish!

先ずは栗ご飯   First, chestnut rice 

渋皮煮    simmered chestnut with astringent skin

甘露煮   candied chestnuts

ゆで栗    boiled chestnuts


When I showed Konatsu the boiled chestnuts, she gobbled them up. I guess she likes this kind of food, too.


The dessert after dinner was persimmons from the garden we picked the other day.


Konatsu does not show much interest in persimmons.



Last Sunday I went to my daughter’s apartment with my wife and Konatsu.


Konatsu goes to her room with her in her arms. The rule here is that you can have a dog as long as it is small enough to be carried in your arms. So Konatsu is big and heavy, but we have no choice but to go to her room like this.


We went to the third floor like this.

そして到着! 今日は粗大ゴミを出す手伝いをすることになっていて、、、

I was asked to help take out the oversize garbage today, and…


The help was quick and easy.


Konatsu looks kind of happy.

極めつけはコレだ!(笑) このあとどこかで昼ご飯を食べようということになり、検索したらこの近所にドッグカフェがあったので、そこへ行ってみることにした。

And here’s the best photo! (lol) We talked about having lunch somewhere after this, and decided to go to a dog café we found in this neighborhood.


Here it is.


Lunch here was very good.


Sweet potato balls for Konatsu. She seemed to like it and finished it right away.


It was a nice moment on a Sunday morning.



Beautiful morning today!


Konatsu is basking in the sun looking comfortable.


Looking down from the balcony, I see a persimmon tree. I picked some persimmons about a week ago, and the ones I left behind are turning color. It’s the harvest season, isn’t it?


This is a persimmon I picked last time. We haven’t eaten all of them yet.

数年前まではどうせこれは渋柿だろうと思って食べなかったのですが、食べてみると意外にも甘くておいしい! 庭の柿も捨てたもんじゃない。

I thought they were probably astringent persimmons, but when I tried them, they were surprisingly sweet and tasty! It’s not half bad.


I prefer these to persimmons!


Recently, the mornings and evenings have become cool enough to be chilly, making it a comfortable season for Konatsu.



While my wife was being examined by a physician, Konatsu and I took an hour-long walk along the back roads of Kitakamakura.


It is a path from the main street of Kitakamakura toward Kajiwara, and although I sometimes pass by it by car, it was the first time for me to walk there, so I saw things that I usually overlook.


The road is narrow in this area, and when it gets a little wider, there is a cherry blossom tree in the middle of the road, which is not a pleasant road to drive on, but when Iseems like a nice and quiet place.


Konatsu seemed to be happy to be in such a quiet place and walked lightly.


Gradually, we started to go uphill…


A side road leading to Kuzuharaoka Shrine comes into view. Further ahead is the road leading to Zeniarai-benzaiten shrine.


We came to just before the shrine, but decided to turn back here, as we would not have enough time to return if we went any further.


Back in the car, I opened my pedometer app and was a little disappointed to see that I had only walked 5,000 steps in less than an hour (lol).



In our neighborhood, many good soba restaurants have closed one after another in the past few years, and now I heard that Sea Castle, a German restaurant in Yuigahama, will close this month. When I hear that a restaurant is closing, I suddenly feel like going there to eat…


This afternoon, I suddenly said, “Let’s go eat there!” And, this kind of story is decided so quickly!


I heard that the restaurant is always crowded these days due to the spread of the closure story on SNS, but luckily we were able to get in without any problems today. The restaurant has been featured on TV and in magazines for a long time and has many fans, so it will be crowded every day for the rest of the week.


The interior of the restaurant has the atmosphere of German home cooking.


I ordered the sausage platter course.


My wife ordered the German-style meatballs course.


The lunch menu comes with a main dish, salad, soup, bread, and coffee. It’s been a while since I’ve had it, but it’s still delicious. It is a pity that this restaurant will be closed.


When we paid the bill, the famous owner (a German woman) told us, “If you see me anywhere, please talk to me,” but she is already very old, so I just wish her well.


Our car was in view from our table, and sometimes we could see Konatsu moving around in the car, lol.

※過去の店内イベント お店のFacebookページより

Past in-store events from the restaurant’s Facebook page


Finally, today’s Konatsu