My sister’s husband passed away last year and we went to Okazaki for the first anniversary of his death. We couldn’t leave Konatsu behind, so we drove out together.


There was a five-car pileup on the Tomei Expressway just before Gotemba, and the traffic jam was initially indicated as 2km/5minutes, but it never moved, and in fact it was 7km long and took us an hour to get through. We were worried that we would not make it in time, but somehow we made it and arrived at the temple in Okazaki.


After the memorial service, we decided to stay the night at Tokyu Harvest in Amagi Kogen, because it would have been difficult to go back to Kamakura. Since we arrived at night, we just had dinner in our room and went to bed.


This is Konatsu’s walk the next morning. It was very cold here at an altitude of nearly 1,000 meters.


The tennis court in the facility was completely white and in this condition.


We did nothing that day, and spent the rest of the evening relaxing.


This is Mt. Fuji in the evening.


This place is located in the middle of Izu Peninsula, close to Kawazu, where the Kawazu cherry blossoms are at their best right now. Tomorrow, I plan to go see them and then return home.



The days are getting longer and it is getting later to go out for an evening walk. Today I left at 4:30 pm.


After a short walk, I saw Konatsu’s friend’s dog!


It was Maron. He is 6 years old.


Maron had just returned home after his walk, so we couldn’t walk with him today. Too bad for Konatsu!


We walked past the Ryukoumyo Shrine toward the back of the residential area.


At the far end, we reached the edge of the Hiromachi forest. The map shows that it is only 800 meters straight from here to the shore of Shichirigahama.


It would take more than 30 minutes to walk across the forest.


Now, we continue our walk. Now let’s climb Mt. Kamakura from here to the halfway point.


Konatsu is an old dog, but she can still climb this many stairs!


From the middle of the slope, you can see Mt. Fuji…


and Enoshima island.


Go to the top of the stairs and turn around there and head for the road back home.


We are back home.


We go out on the balcony and the sun has just set!


The crescent moon in the western sky.


Finally, two shots of the sisters. lol



Day 3
When I woke up in the morning, there was snow flying outside the window.


and furthermore, the river looked like a skating rink.


The temperature this morning was -10℃. Let’s go for a walk, fully protected against the cold!


I brought some heavy clothes for Konatsu, as she is getting to be vulnerable to the cold due to her age.


This poodle is wearing something thicker.


This is a scene you don’t see in my hometown of Kamakura. If there was more snow on the ground with this, it would look like Scandinavia, wouldn’t it?


My wife seems to be happy to be free from her daily chores and to be able to relax and do nothing, so she is spending most of the time in the room without doing any sightseeing. However, I had a problem when I drove out for a bit of shopping, etc. The temperature is below freezing even during the daytime, so the washer fluid is frozen and won’t come out. When the car was covered with muddy water, I had to wash it with drinking waterI Next time, I will put in antifreeze washer fluid.


Let’s go to dinner on the last day! Konatsu brought a lot of clothes this time.


French food lasts three days, but I never get tired of it because it’s so good here.


My wife and I especially like the staff here in Regina for their care and the way they treat the dogs.


After three nights and four days, this was our last morning walk. I want to come back again…


A bakery and restaurant, KOO, opened near Regina, and I heard that it has been introduced in magazines and has a good reputation. I decided to buy some bread as a souvenir.

In fact, when I got home, I tried some of the bread and it was delicious! If you are interested, please check the URL.



Day 2
According to the weather forecast, it will be cold tomorrow due to the cold air.


But it is cold enough this morning. It is about 7:00 this time of day, and the temperature is -6 degrees Celsius.


Maru, who became friends with Konatsu


A walk around the area revealed that the river was frozen over!


By the time we finished our walk, we were just starting to get hungry, so we headed for a restaurant.


Konatsu has a breakfast of chicken bowl


It was a bit much for breakfast, and I couldn’t finish it.


Mt. Asama seen during a walk, morning and evening



I went to Karuizawa in the middle of winter. Karuizawa is essentially a summer resort, so it is cold in winter, but the cost of lodging is lower.


I took the same route as when I go to work in Gunma, driving north on the Ken-O Expressway.


A traffic jam sign appeared just past Sagamihara. Apparently there was a traffic accident, but the traffic jam seemed to be getting longer.


At the Hachioji Junction, we wondered whether we should continue straight ahead or take the Chuo Highway. I was lost for a moment, but decided to take the Chuo Highway.


We got off the Chuo Highway at Nagasaka IC and headed for Saku via Kiyosato. On the way, the area around Nobeyama was covered with snow.


As we continued on, it looked like it was going to be a whiteout, but it didn’t turn out that way.


We got off at the Saku Minami IC of the Chubu Cross-Island Highway and stopped at roadside station Hot Park.


Konatsu looked like she didn’t want to get off the car.


This is a small roadside station, but they sell a variety of local products…


Among them is this frozen tofu. It is said that only four shops in Japan make handmade frozen tofu, and that the taste is so good that no machine can make it. I got it!


From there, we arrived in Karuizawa in 30 minutes. Again, we will stay at Regina Resort Mikageyousui.

今回も信州割のお世話になります! 到着が遅くなったから一休みしたらすぐ夕飯だ。

Once again, we’re getting the Shinshu Discount! Since we arrived late, we’ll have dinner right after we take a break.


Konatsu is in the season of hair loss, so we put on clothes and went to the restaurant so as not to scatter the hair.


Konatsu has venison bowl. Below is our dinner.


Thus ends the first day.



These days when I think of vaccines, I think of the COVID-19 vaccine, but last week I went to Konatsu’s parvovirus vaccination.


As usual, as soon as we entered the hospital, Konatsu’s body started shaking and the people around us laughed at us, but the vaccination was successfully completed.


When we got home, she was beeping her toys as if she had forgotten about the vaccine.


It is hard to believe that she is an old dog who is about to turn 13 years old.
We lost our previous dog at the age of 13 years and 3 months, so we want her to live to be 15 years old first, and then 20 years old if possible. In order to achieve this goal, we need to take good care of Konatsu’s physical condition, but when I weighed her at the hospital, she weighed 19.5 kg, which is almost 1 kg more than she weighed at the end of the year. We need to cut down on the snacks!



The news has been reporting since yesterday that the Kanto region is about to experience heavy snowfall. Such is the case, but I have been in Gunma for work since yesterday, and as of 9:00 a.m., there is still no sign of snow.


Soon it will start snowing and it looks like it will pile up all at once.


According to the weather forecast, it looks like it is going to snow more and more heavily, and looking at the information on the highways, various restrictions and road closures due to snow are starting to appear. If I continued to work until the evening, I might not be able to go home, and the director, worried about that, cancelled my evening work.


So I finished work in the afternoon, and this is where I was driving on the Joshin-Etsu Highway.


It snowed quite a bit up to Hachioji, which is at a high elevation, but onIce I passed Mt. Takao, the snow turned to rain, and I felt like I could have worked until the end.

家に着いてこなつのお出迎えを受ける、これが嬉しい瞬間! こなつはちょうど夕方の散歩に出かけるところだ。

I was happy to be greeted by Konatsu when I arrived home. Konatsu was just about to go for an evening walk.


It’s raining in this direction, so put on your raincoat and go!



February has arrived. My business closes at the end of January every year, so I have been too busy to update this blog, but Konatsu is doing well as usual.


If you look closely, you can see that Konatsu’s winter hair has grown long and shaggy. I made an appointment to have her shampooed and cut this weekend.


While walking Konatsu, I noticed a slight change in the neighborhood butcher shop.

つい先日までこの肉屋が売ってるのは宮崎牛だったのに、、、  ↑

Just a few days ago, this butcher shop was selling Miyazaki beef…

いつの間にか山形牛に変わっていた。しかも入り口の看板の店名が「西鎌倉精肉店」になっている。何があったんだろうね、、、? 安いことに変わりはないようだが。こなつ用の安い肉を少し買って帰ってきた。

But before I knew it, it had changed to Yamagata beef. Moreover, the name on the signboard at the entrance has changed to “Nishikamakura Butcher Shop”. I wonder what happened to it…? It seems that the price is still the same, though. I bought some cheap meat for Konatsu and returned home.

今週の後半は関東地方も雪予報になっている。最近は降ると言いつつ降らないというパターンだけど今週はどうなるだろう? 雪と言えば、こなつの動画を見ていたら5年前の雪遊びのを見つけたので貼り付けてみます。このときこなつは7歳、元気に走り回っているけど今はもう無理。

Snow is predicted for the Kanto region in the latter half of this week. It’s been a pattern lately of saying it’s going to snow but it doesn’t, but what will happen this week? Speaking of snow, I found a video of Konatsu playing in the snow five years ago. Konatsu was 7 years old at that time, running around energetically, but she can’t do it anymore.



I’m sorry to interrupt your comfortable rest, but let me see your teeth for a second.


When I took her to the veterinary clinic last month for a tartar removal, they pointed out that her periodontal disease had progressed to the point where her teeth were slightly shaking, in keeping with her age. She doesn’t have much tartar on her teeth yet, but it’s important to brush her teeth!


I bought this for Konatsu since I haven’t brushed her teeth for a while.


Konatsu will comply with brushing her teeth and applying eye drops even when she knows it’s something she doesn’t want to do. This is a very good thing about Konatsu.


After brushing her teeth, she went to the balcony.


It’s a beautiful sunny day!