Last Saturday and Sunday, I went to support my alma mater, Shizuoka High School, as they competed in the Tokai Tournament. On the way back, I stopped by “Hamamatsu Flower Park,” and the roses were in full bloom this time of year, making a big impact.


I am not familiar with gardening, but this place is produced by a garden designer named Keiko Yoshitani. She seems to be famous, but I don’t know her.


This girl was here for a family shoot to celebrate her 7th birthday, and her dress fits perfectly here, awesome!


It was a rose garden with probably more than 100 varieties of roses.


The crucial match turned out to be a disappointment, as you can see.

<番外編> ウクライナから犬の話

小型犬ニコルは避難列車「Ukrzaliznytsia」の乗客のストレスに対処するのを助けます。4年前、ドニプロガイドTatiana min ʹkovaの駅で見つかった犬。今、彼女は避難した人たちがストレスに対処するのを手伝っているそうです。

This is a dog story from Ukraine.
Small dog Nicole helps passengers of the evacuation train “Ukrzaliznytsia” cope with tress.
The dog was found four years ago at the station of Dnipro guide Tatiana min ʹkova. Now she is helping evacuees cope with stress.    From UAnimals.


The following dog was rescued by a volunteer from being left behind in a dumpster one day. This boy may be able to find a new family with the support of UAnimals. I have written before about “people who cannot evacuate because of their pets,” and there are dogs in these pitiful circumstances.



Such a state of war continues, but this happened yesterday in Japan.

出典:Yahoo Japan News


It was a sumo match between a Ukrainian wrestler “Shishi” (left) and a Russian wrestler “Roga” (right). The audience applauded loudly. What was the result? If you are interested, please check it out. (lol)



The other day I wrote about Konatsu’s epileptic seizure, and I would like to let you know how she has been doing since then. On that day, my wife and I tried not to push her too hard and kept an eye on her. Konatsu started eating normally that night, and from the next day, she started taking short but cheerful walks. Konatsu is now an old dog, so I will let her spend her time at her own pace without overworking her. Thank you very much for your concern.


Today I am in Gunma Prefecture for work. On the way there, I stopped by Mentai Park, a recently opened food theme park. Mentai is cod ovum slowly marinated in chili pepper sauce. It is usually served hot on rice. Furthermore, Mentai pasta is very popular these days. There are even snacks which are made of spicy cod roe.



For some reason, the sight of menatai makes me hungry.

<番外編> NHKプラスより


NHK Plus distributed the following page.
2019, “World Interaction Street Walk” walking through Khiu (Kiev) before the war’s destruction.

Click here

※ 配信期限は4月28日03:49までとなっています。

It was such a peaceful and beautiful city. The act of aggression such as destroying it is the same as the Islamic State’s destruction of ancient ruins. It is unforgivable.
※ The deadline for distribution is April 28, 03:49.



Ukraine is on day 47. We can know about the devastation in the cities and the people there as it is reported on the news, but I am observing the situation from the perspective of someone who lives with his pets.

以下、UAnimals の記事より

ロシア軍による砲撃や虐殺から逃れることができたウクライナの人達がザポロジエに到着した。 人生で最も辛い時でも、これらの人々の多くは動物を捨てず、一緒に避難しました。

The following is from the UAnimals article.
Ukrainians who managed to escape shelling and massacres by Russian troops have arrived in Zaporozhye. Even in the most difficult times of their lives, many of these people did not abandon their animals and took refuge with them.


Of course I understand how they feel and I hope all of these people are safe.

<番外編> 夏に向けて春季大会


Today I’m not talking about Konatsu, but an extra edition.


yesterday I went to Shizuoka Kusanagi Stadium to cheer for my alma mater’s baseball game.


This ballpark has a long history and is also known as the place where Sawamura pitched a great game when the American baseball team, led by Babe Ruth, came to Japan right after the war. 
Japanese professional baseball has the Sawamura Award, which is the equivalent of the Cy Young Award in American Major League Baseball.


Statues of the two men stand near the entrance to the stadium, which is also a famous meeting place.


And the games begin. This spring tournament also decides the seeded schools for the prefectural qualifying rounds of the summer Koshien Tournament, so the results are very interesting for the alma mater’s supporters like us.


The result was a 19-0 cold game in which they dominated the opposing team. Our team will now qualify for the prefectural tournament, and if they finish in the top 8 in the prefecture, they will be seeded.


We have had a fun day.


When I came home, Konatsu asked, “Where did you go without me?” I think she’s saying.



I have decided to change the top page image for a while.
It has been 36 days since the Russian invasion began in Ukraine, and the lives of many people and many animals are still threatened. I know some of you have been accessing this site from Ukraine, and am praying for your safety !


Here’s another one from the UAnimals article.
Berlin is now one of the largest centers for refugees, with thousands of migrants passing through Berlin Station every day. And since many people don’t leave their important dogs behind and travel together, Berlin Station is like a dog show with many dogs.

imagine all the people living life in peace ♪♪



It was a late-night earthquake.
Right after I turned off the TV and got into bed, I thought, “Huh? Earthquake. The shaking gradually increased, and Konatsu seemed surprised to see what was going on.


I hurriedly turned on the TV and saw that another earthquake had hit the Tohoku region, this time measuring 6 on the Japanese seismic scale. I can only hope that the people in that area must have been scared and that the damage was minimal.


I was watching the JMA conference and found this data. They said that the tremor was transmitted to Kamakura, where I live, in 55 seconds after the earthquake warning was issued. The “0” in the center means that the earthquake had already shaken when the warning was issued. If it had been a huge earthquake, we wouldn’t have been able to escape.


This earthquake is said to have a magnitude of 7.4, but even so, the Tohoku Expressway broke ground and the Shinkansen bullet train derailed. This reminds us of how powerful the 2011 earthquake was, which measured 9.0 on the Richter scale.


On a different note, construction began this morning at a neighbor’s house, and the noise made Konatsu somewhat restless.


Looking down at the construction vehicles, Konatsu’s body jerks when she hears a loud noise (lol).


Meanwhile, the garden is gradually becoming more like spring.


I have 5 consecutive holidays starting today. I’m thinking of taking Konatsu somewhere, but the weather is doubtful…

20日間、ウクライナはロシアの占領者の行為に苦しんでいる。 疲労とあらゆるリスクにもかかわらず、飼育員は動物を助けるために最善を尽くし続けています。今日、チームUAnimalsは、いくつかのシェルターに彼らの動物たちを助ける資金的な援助を提供しました。今日Kyivのボランティアは、ペットのために食べ物を買う余裕のない住民に食料を配りました。
エキサイティングなニュースがあります。 封鎖されたゴストメルシェルターでのこと、今日78歳の施設主人が大活躍をし、シェルターに水を運んでくれる発電機を持ってきてくれました。 彼と一緒に、ガソリン70リットル、ドッグフード500kg、シェルタースタッフのためにフードを寄付しました。 これでシェルターの住民が生き残るのに役立つ。

More news from Ukraine today.
For 20 days, Ukraine has suffered from the actions of its Russian occupiers. Despite fatigue and all the risks, keepers continue to do their best to help the animals. Today, Team UAnimals provided financial assistance to several shelters to help their animals. Today Kyiv volunteers distributed food to residents who could not afford to buy food for their pets.
Some exciting news. At the blockaded Gostomel shelter, today the 78 year old facility owner did a great job and brought a generator that will bring water to the shelter. Together with him we donated 70 liters of gasoline, 500 kg of dog food, and food for the shelter staff. This will help the shelter residents survive.


UAnimal の facebook より

ウクライナでは、ロシアの侵略者との戦争が2週間以上続いています。 このような厳しい状況の中、UAnimalsチームは動物の救助を続けています。
さらに、動物病院「アスティ」(Pechenizskaya 35番地)に、病気の動物のための薬や器具、飼料を購入するための資金を提供しました。このクリニックでは、負傷した動物の治療を無料で行っています。

Day 15 of WAR: Animal rescue status.
The war with the Russian invaders has been going on in Ukraine for more than two weeks. In such difficult conditions, UAnimals team continues to rescue animals.
Unfortunately, the situation is critical for many shelters. Many of them are still blocked by Russian troops and are in the area of ​​active shelling. It is impossible to get to such shelters, especially since it is not possible to evacuate animals from there. This means that with each passing day, the lives of every animal in blocked shelters are becoming more and more endangered. We try to stay in touch with shelter owners and look for ways to save animals.
Today we helped the Kyiv Botanical Garden by providing it with 100 kg of fodder. In the garden, local volunteers sheltered hungry animals from the private sector nearby. They also helped with horse feed at the Kyiv Hippodrome.
In addition, our team provided funds to the veterinary clinic “Asti” (Pechenizskaya 35) for the purchase of medicines, equipment and feed for sick animals. This clinic provides free treatment for injured animals.
Besides, assistance from UAnimals was sent to Kharkiv Zoo. Another 1,100 kg of feed we sent for the needs of Odessa animals.
Today, UAnimals team began evacuating two bears and a wolf from Chernivtsi and Kamianets-Podilskyi to Romania.
We do not forget to monitor the situation with animals in small towns and villages and situationally help local shelters.
UAnimals team is sincerely grateful to you for your support during these difficult days for Ukraine. Everything will be Ukraine! 🇺🇦




Everyday I look at facebook and see one after another updates on the UAnimals page about the pets. In Japan, the news coverage is rather pro-Ukrainian, but in the rest of the world, I am sure there are many different reports depending on the position of each country. Still, attacks on unarmed civilians are not acceptable, and the pets are only victims.


All images are shared from UAnimals on facebook.


We can only hope that both the dogs and their owners are safe. This is the least I can do, but I hope it will convey the message that there are people in faraway Japan who care about the dogs and their owners.



In the last few days, I’m more interested in the news from Ukraine than COVID-19.
But we have to be careful with COVID-19. Such being the case…


Today my wife went for her third round of vaccinations. The venue is Kamakura City Hall (building on the right)



My wife had a tough time with adverse reactions both the first and second time, but I’m not sure about this time. She has been home for 3 hours after the vaccination and so far seems to be fine.


Konatsu, 12 years and 3 days old, playing with a gift she received.


I like the towel with her name and initials on it.
Konatsu is living comfortably without any worries, but on the other hand, news of pets is coming from Ukraine, and I feel unbearable when I see articles about pets and not being able to evacuate because of them.


I borrowed the photo from UAnimals facebook.


Does anyone have contact information for Golgo 13? lol



Today is Konatsu’s 12th birthday. Konatsu became a part of our family when she was a puppy of about 5 months old, but it seems like it was just a while ago. We must be getting older too.


This was about a month after Konatsu came to our house.

Recently, Konatsu’s legs and feet have started to deteriorate a little. For example, she hesitates when getting in and out of the car. For example, when getting in and out of the car, he hesitates and waits without moving as if she is waiting to be carried, or she steps off the stairs at home. Konatsu runs well at the dogpark, so I don’t think we need to worry about her, but we do need to watch her carefully.



We have the Doll Festival on March 3. It’s the day to pray for healthy growth and happiness for young girls. Most families with girls display dolls called Hina-ningyo. This is my daughter’s doll, but it’s also for Konatsu.


This one is from my wife’s childhood.

Нет войне 戦争反対!



In Japan, the invasion of Ukraine by Russia has been reported in the news, but many people may feel that it happened far away. I can’t do anything about it myself, but since this is a blog where people from many countries visit, I would like to share at least my voice.

No war! Peace to Ukraine!
In Russia, there is a “demand for Putin’s resignation” from within the military. Putin should resign immediately accordingly.

В Японии о российском вторжении в Украину сообщалось в новостях, но многие люди могут считать, что это произошло далеко. Сам я ничего не могу с этим поделать, но поскольку этот блог посещают люди из многих стран, я хотел бы поделиться с ними своим мнением.

Никакой войны! Мир Украине!
В России среди военных раздаются требования, чтобы Путин ушел в отставку. Путин должен немедленно уйти в отставку.


I think so too.



I feel uncomfortable by the sudden news from Ukraine.
There are several people who access this blog from Ukraine. I pray for your safety. And peace to Ukraine soon!


Konatsu is also filled with the same feeling of peace.



I am here in Anjo City, Aichi Prefecture.


This is because my sister’s husband is fighting leukemia, and we are here to visit him. We left our home at 7:30 in the morning and arrived at Anjo at 12:00 in the afternoon.

約束の時間までには1時間ほどあったので、事前に調べておいたワンコと一緒に入れるカフェ「Chou & Cream」でランチすることに。

We had about an hour before our appointment, so we decided to have lunch at Chou & Cream, a café that allows dogs, which we had checked out beforehand.


When we entered the store, there were many bottles of alcohol lined up on the shelves on the wall, which was different from a dog café. The owner told me that there are many people who come here at night with their dogs for a drink.


There was also a food menu for dogs, so Konatsu had a light meal here.


After this, we went to my sister’s house, but her husband was asleep, so we could only see him. I hope he will recover miraculously.


My sister on the left, her second daughter on the right, and her grandson in the middle. Konatsu was scared, but she was doing  “paw” .


This is the Hamanako service area on the Tomei highway on the way home.


There is a large park here with a nice view where you can take your dog for a walk. It was quite a nice place. It was a bit difficult to go back to Kamakura that day, so we decided to stay in the area. Since our purpose was different from the usual fun trip, we looked for a place to stay, hoping to get some sleep. As a result…


We decided to stay at Hatagoya Fukuroi. The price varies depending on the season, but this time we paid 9,900 yen per room, including tax. Considering it was the day before a national holiday, this was reasonable!


It’s like the motels that often appear in American movies.


It was quite comfortable, with two king-sized beds, a bathroom, and most of the other necessities. There are quite a few branches all over the country, and this was something I would be happy to use in the future.


And the next day. I searched on the Internet and went to a store called “Toretate Shokurakubu” that sold local vegetables and fresh fish.


It’s like a roadside station.

安いし新鮮! たくさん買い込んできました。

Cheap and fresh! we bought a lot .


On the way back, we took a break at Suruga Bay Numazu SA on the New Tomei.


We went to a dog run and made a friend. John, a beagle dog, is also a shelter dog.


It may not have been a very fun two days for Konatsu, but we made it through the visit.



A security camera arrived from Amazon.


This is because there are a lot of burglaries in this area, and our town’s community association decided to subsidize the installation of security cameras. So I bought this right away.


When it comes time to install it, there are many other difficulties. We have a wifi router on the second floor of our house, but since this security camera works with a network connection, the signal cannot reach us as it is now. So we will install a wifi repeater in two places, one on the stairs and the other at the entrance, so that the signal can reach the camera outside the entrance.

「あれぇ、、、 接続できない、、、 おかしいなぁ、、、」なんてことを数時間繰り返してやっと接続できた!

I was finally able to connect by repeating things like “Oh … I can’t connect … It’s strange …” for several hours!


Meanwhile, Konatsu actively repeats the appeal, “Please play with me!”


Finally the camera installation is complete. When I test it, …

バッチリ映ってます! 外出先でもスマホで見ることができるし、マイクで話しかけることも出来る。怪しいヤツが来たら「オイ!見てるぞ!」って具合にね(笑)

It’s a perfect picture! I can see it on my phone when I’m out and about, and I can talk to it with the microphone. If someone suspicious comes, I can say, “Hey! I’m watching you! (lol)


Well, it’s best that nothing happens, but this gives me some peace of mind.



Around 12 o’clock in the middle of the night when I was already asleep, a loud warning sound was heard from my smartphone, and when I looked at the screen thinking it was an earthquake warning, it was a tsunami warning. It says about 50 cm, so I went to bed again. However, after that, the alarm sounds three or four times from both the smartphone and the tablet, so it is extremely disturbing to sleep. I turned off the power and finally slept undisturbed until morning. Looking at the news in the morning, it seems that a submarine volcano exploded in Tonga and a tsunami occurred, and many fishing boats sank in Japan as well. I was convinced that it was a bigger deal than I expected.


I had to go to Shitirigaham in the morning, so I went through the mountain course just in case, but when I saw the sea on the way, no surfer was in the sea today.


When I returned home and watched the news footage, it was said that a fairly large tsunami was flooding in Tonga and the damage was unknown. I have no choice but to pray that the inhabitants will not be damaged.

ご存知の方も多いかもしれませんが Floodmaps というサイトがあって、そこを見ると自分の家が何メートルの津波で水没するのかを見ることができます。用心のために見ておくのも良いと思います。

As many of you may know, there is a site called Floodmaps, where you can see how many meters of a tsunami will submerge your home. I think it’s a good idea to take a look as a precaution.



My doctor actively recommends a gastrocamera, saying, “When you reach your age, please come to the gastrocamera once a year.” So I went to the stomach examination today.


I made a reservation at 7:45, so I got up early and finished Konatsu’s walk, and went to the clinic …


I was reading this book while I was waiting. It’s very scrutinized and interesting, but as one of the fans, the last part is still sad.



And since the gastrocamera examination uses anesthesia, it was over when I noticed. In addition to collecting blood, he also did various other tests, all of which were normal and healthy!


This clinic also has a cafe like this, where you can have breakfast while you wait for the test results. I didn’t have breakfast this morning so I decided to eat here.


It was a healthy menu recommended by the doctor, but it was delicious.


When I finished the checkout and went outside, it was starting to snow.


This is Yanagawa Clinic in Nishikamakura.


When I got home, Konatsu enthusiastically welcomed me while kicking my slippers at the front door.


It’s a happy moment!



This year, I can spend two more days relaxing because of the winter holidays until January 6th.


So today I went to Katase Suwa Shrine. The other day, I went to Ryukomyō Shrine near my house, and my family has always put the good luck charm of Suwa Shrine on the household shrine. So today is the real visiting.


We think goodluck charms are holly items. So we bring the old charms to the shrine. At the shrine, Shinto rriests burn those old charms with praying. We call it “Otakiage”


A statue of such a dog was placed right next to the “Otakiage” place, and Konatsu who saw it from a distance rushed in, mistaking it as a real dog. However, when she realized that it was just a statue,she said “What?”



It’s a “Omikuji” Omikuji is a fortune-telling paper slip. So I tried Omikuji.
What’ the verdict? … It’s 大吉 extremely good !



I went to “Hatsumode” in the morning of New Year’s Day. Hatsumode is the first shirine visit of the year. There is “Ryukomyō Shrine”, which is a 3-minute walk from my house, and when I looked it up, it was built in 552 and is the oldest shrine in Kamakura.


Above is the main deity “Five heads dragon”. Legend has it that this “Five heads dragon” and “Benzaiten” at Enoshima Shrine are a married couple. There is a legend that if you visit Benzaiten as a couple, the couple will break up because Benten is jealous, but in the case of Enoshima Shrine, “You are not visiting Benten’s husband Five Heads Dragon, Benten get angry with it and break up the couple. “ Therefore, if you visit Ryukomyō Shrine → Enoshima Shrine in that order, you will not get angry with Benten, but rather the feminine energy of Enoshima Shrine (goddess) and the masculine energy of Ryukomyō Shrine (Ryujin) are combined. It is said that the balance between yin and yang will be adjusted and the power of good luck will increase.


Konatsu is also visiting.


This is the end of the first visit


I hope Konatsu is healthy and has a good year.