My mother used to use nursing care several times a month, but from this September she moved into a nursing home. Now, going to attend a monthly health checkup is an opportunity to meet my mother, and today is the day.


There is a hospital on the same site, and my wife push my mother’s wheelchair to the hospital…


Today, Konatsu went with us and met my mother for the first time in a while.


As expected, the healing power of the dog at such times seemed to be great, and my mother smiled happily.


The sea of Nanarigahama spreads out in front of the nurdsing home, and it is a feeling of liberation and environment that is not like a nursing home.


Is Konatsu, who worked as a healing dog, a little tired?



I wrote a while ago that my alma mater will participate in the Tokai baseball tournament, and I went to support it.


This is Okazaki City Baseball Stadium. It’s about 300km from Kamakura, but this time it was a fun trip while driving my car with two alumni.


We left Kamakura at 6:30 and arrived at the stadium around 11:00. The right side is me.


As a result, they were unable to demonstrate their abilities and were unfortunately defeated, and they were no longer able to participate in the national tournament next spring.


After the match, we went sightseeing in Okazaki Castle and celebrated one of our friends’ birthday, so the day in Okazaki was over.


The next day I broke up with my friends in Okazaki and I headed to Hakone. I met my daughter in Gora and checked in at Tokyu Harvest “Hakone Hisui”.


This is an inn with a very nice atmosphere. And this time the main event is Chinese food restaurant “Taigen”


Turn right on the way from Sengokuhara to Otome Pass and climb a steep slope to find “Taigen”. All the dishes here are excellent!

先ずはビールで乾杯!     First of all, toast with beer!


“Unpairou” that I order every time I come here is the best!


Tofu with century egg


Stir-fried cuttlefish and green squeezed vegetables. With this much appetizer, go to the main noodles

上:光麺   下:タンタンメン  どっちも凄くサッパリで〆には最適!

Both have a very refreshing taste and are perfect for the last dish!


Another specialty of Taigen is this owl. One bird died and now only this child. This is a recommended shop when you go to Hakone.


Finally, recently, such a sign has been displayed in a park in Kamakura City. This is wrong and problematic, judging from the Kanagawa Prefecture Ordinance and the Kamakura City Ordinance. I would like to take up it at a later date.



This Sunday is the election day for the lower house. On that day, I have to go a town far away, so I went to vote before election day.


The back of the regular ballot was for early voting, I didn’t know until now.


This is the polling place


There were more people who came to vote before the day than I expected.


It only takes 5 minutes, but Konatsu will definitely follow us. Even though she’s just waiting in the car…



I would like to thank all the visitors from overseas for your many comments. I will not reply to you individually, but thank you for reading. I appreciate your continuous support, thank you again !

<番外編> 雑感


I can’t write an article about Konatsu today, so it’s a miscellaneous feeling.
I am on a business trip to Gunma today and tomorrow. While driving on the Kan-Etsu Expressway on the way, the area near the summit of the mountain range (probably in the direction of Mt. Tanigawa and Mt. Asahi ahead of Minakami Onsen) looks vaguely white. There is no snow on Mt. Asama yet. When I arrived in Gunma, it was unexpectedly warm and surprising. Recently, Mt. Aso has erupted, pumice stones from the eruption of submarine volcanoes have flowed, and small earthquakes have occurred here and there. I hope that no major disaster will occur.


Kanra Town, Gunma Prefecture, where I work this time. The idyllic scenery as usual.



Yesterday, when I got home after work, I crossed the Takebashi JCT of the Metropolitan Expressway-Rainbow Bridge and joined the Bayshore Line. It’s a normal video, but I’ll upload it.

The night view of Odaiba seen from the Rainbow Bridge is beautiful, but at the end I got stuck in the traffic jam on the Bayshore Line.

After dawn, it was cold rain this morning.


There was no one in the Shichirigahama park this morning. However, it doesn’t matter because Konatsu doesn’t play with anyone these days.


Konatsu started using this raincoat around the rainy season this year, it’s easy to put on and it’s very easy to use.



It suddenly became cold in the morning from yesterday, so I have to wear winter clothes and go for a walk. On the way …


It was raining yesterday and snow was piled up on Mt. Fuji and it looked so beautiful this morning. After all, it suits Mt. Fuji to be covered with snow so much.


This is Konatsu this morning. She is spending her time calmly.

時には玄関の前でママの帰りをじっと待つ忠犬であったりもするのです(笑) この時はママが戻ってくるまで20分くらいでしたが、この場所を動かず待ち続けていました。

Sometimes she is a faithful dog waiting for my wife to return in front of the front door. At this time, it took about 20 minutes for my wife to come back, but she kept waiting without moving this place.

Well, it ’s been a while since I ’ve been talking about high school baseball.


In Japan, a competition is held every year in which high schools from all over the country participate and compete for the best in Japan. My alma mater ⑥ came in 3rd place in the prefectural tournament this time and got the right to participate in the Tokai regional tournament. They will be able to compete in the national tournament next spring if they are in second place in this tournament. So, at the end of the month, I will go to support!



The Japanese persimmon fruits and sweet summer fruits in the garden are getting bigger.


Persimmons can be harvested, but it will take some time before they turn yellow in this sweet summer fruits.


I tried to pick persimmons. Some fruits are pierced by birds.


Konatsu had a face like “What’s that?”, So I put it out in front of her, but she didn’t want it.

さっそく試食してみると、想像していたよりも甘い。 これならイケる!

When I tried it, it was sweeter than I had imagined. This is cool!


I cut the peeled persimmon into small pieces and gave them to konatsu, but she didn’t eat it.



As usual, the temperature is high in the daytime, and even in Gunma, yesterday’s daytime was close to 30 degrees Celsius, which makes it difficult for the autumn leaves to progress.


This is my work room in Gunma. I am a dental worker, and as a reminder to all of you, a system that allows you to use your Individual Number Card as an insurance card will start this month. If you would like to know more details, please click link above.


It’s not a real-time photo of Konatsu because of this situation, but it’s a photo of Konatsu who greeted me when I came home before.


It’s cute !

<番外編> 群馬県甘楽町「楽山園」


I’ve been in Kanra Town, Gunma Prefecture for work since yesterday. This is a castle town with a Japanese garden built in the Middle Ages (1,600s). I took a walk there for today’s lunch break. It’s a pity that Konatsu isn’t with me, but dogs are probably banned.


As expected, there are almost no people in the garden.


It seems that this place was a resting place for the princess, and it says “Please sit in the tatami room and feel like a princess”, so when I entered, it was a very scenic place.


I was able to spend the lunch break comfortably for about 40 minutes.

部分的リフォーム その2


Following the gas stove the other day, it is a replacement work for the kitchen fan and the roll curtain.


Craftsmen went in and out from morning till evening, and it was a stressful day for Konatsu.

古くて音も大きい換気扇だったが、、、  It was an old and loud Kitchen Fan, but …
雰囲気も明るくなったかな  The sound is quiet and it feels bright because of the color
20年経過してこの状態だったが  It’s been 20 years and it’s been so dirty
こなつが好きなこの場所がキレイになった。  This place where Konatsu likes has become beautiful.


My house, which is over 20 years old, seems to have many places to be repaired in the future, and it hurts my head.



On the way back from Kamogawa, we decided to come back while stopping at three roadside stations.


First of all, the Shiosai Market near Regina


I stopped by because I saw it while running, but it felt like a souvenir shop.


Next is Rosemary Park Hanamaru Market. There is a large site around the market where you can take a walk in the woods, but unfortunately the rain got heavy and I gave up walking with Konatsu.


It seems that it was a nice place for my wife because a lot of agricultural products were sold here.


After this, she still bought it… I knew it! (lol)


The last place we went to was the “Chikura / Shiokaze Kingdom” that we were most interested in on this day.


The seafood market is visible in the distance, and the grass space in the foreground has a course for dogs to run.


However, Konatsu didn’t run here …


I came to the moored fishing boat. It was open for a tour, so head to the entrance

Konatsu went up to the deck. After this, Konatsu waited in the car and I went to the market.


There is a huge fish cage in the middle of the building, and freshly caught fish are sold in front of it.


It looks cheap and delicious, but even if I buy this and go home, it seems to be difficult to fillet it, so I stopped buying it and walked around the venue …


There was a restaurant area. Looking at the menu, it was quite intriguing, but I wasn’t hungry enough to eat these.


When I returned to the cage, there was a shop. Here, I ordered fried horse mackerel and squid menchi because it is said that the fry is fried after ordering. I ate this half with my wife.


The fried fish was served with tartar sauce, but it’s delicious enough without adding anything!


The squid menchi was also delicious. I haven’t had much connection with Chiba prefecture until now, but this trip made a pretty good impression.



The sake brewery that I stopped by when I went to the Boso Peninsula.


There is something that I can expect from the appearance, and when I go inside, …


When I saw such an amount, I realized that it was something amazing, and when I looked around it, …


Since the sake here was dedicated to the wedding ceremony of Princess Sayako, the photographs at that time are displayed on the wall. Unlike the topic of the person who have been bustling in Japan these days, this makes me feel congratulations.


I bought a few bottles and came back. It was a pity that I couldn’t taste and choose these because I had to drive a car.

There was also a sign like this, and there were people ordering it in the store, so we decided to try it too.


The proviso says, “Alcohol is not included”, but it tasted very rich and delicious as if it was mixed with sake lees.


Konatsu was waiting in the car, and when we came back, she looked boring, so I gave her a little bit of the rest of the soft serve cone.

Seiji Ozawa Matsumoto Festival


The summer music festival I’m looking forward to every year has been canceled due to the influence of Covid-19. It’s a pity that it was canceled, but this year the members gathered in Matsumoto for live streaming, and it seems that they are currently rehearsing. You can enjoy live streaming for free on September 5, so if you are interested, please click here!



At my home, we finished the renovation of the washroom about two months ago, and today is the day of the replacement work of the gas stove in the kitchen.


A gas stove that has been used for over 20 years since my house was built. Recently, the fire has become worse and the life is about to end.


When the work staff enters the house, Konatsu keeps barking, so …


so I had her wait in the next room.


After a while, when I went to see the situation, she barked, “There is still a suspicious one!”


It’s almost over !

そうするうちに完成! 今度のはいろいろな機能が付いていてママは嬉しそう。

Completed in the meantime! This time, my wife looks happy with various functions.


The only weakness is that the current oven seems to have a temperature setting of 100 ° C or higher, and it is not possible to set the temperature to 80 ° C when baking jerky for konatsu. This is a problem.


Can I have a delicious meal?



My family is not particularly religious, but we value events such as Obon and equinoctial week. First, prepare offerings for the Buddhist altar.


Obon is a Buddhist festival in Japan to honor the spirit of our ancestors. We welcome back the spirits of our ancestors during Obon every year.


WE prepare straw horses or oxen, which are supposed to carry the returning souls.

こなつにはご先祖様が見えている? と思いたくなるような目つきだ。

Konatsu, can you see our ancestors ? You have a look that makes you want to think so.
Then, ignite the fire at the entrance.


On the first night of Obon, people light the small fire called Mukaebi or light lanterns so that souls wouldn’t lose their way to come back to their home.


Talking with their eyes…

Obon will continue until August 16th.



The morning of the day I go to work. Konatsu realized that she would not be taken, and resisted in this way.


She glances at me without saying a word (lol)


This is like an annual event when I go to work. The weather forecast said that the inland area would be extremely hot on this day, and it overlapped with my business trip …


When I arrived in Gunma, it was already 36 degrees Celsius even though it was still past 10 am!


It was a busy two days with implant operations in the intense heat. On my way home after two days of work …


Perhaps because it’s summer vacation from tomorrow, there will be such a heavy traffic jam in the direction of Tokyo on the Kan-Etsu Expressway.


This is on a bridge that crosses the Tama River


On the Ken-O Expressway, near the exit of the Hinode IC, where a speed enforcement camera is installed only here.


At Ebina JCT, the cars that join the Tomei Expressway are in heavy traffic.


I came back through such a route.


The owner of Anzu told me “I know a good dog park!” And I went with him.


It’s quite large and almost all of it is shaded by trees, so it’s comfortable even in this season.


This place is privately owned, but the owner said it was open as a dog park.


Konatsu was running around unusually. Is this more comfortable than the Shichiri Square?


It’s hard to see the boundaries, but it’s safe because it’s surrounded by wire mesh fences on all sides.


It takes about 30 minutes from my house, but he told me a good place.



Waiwai Market is a farmer’s market that sells local ingredients operated by JA Sagami. It’s a very popular market, and on weekends, it’s crowded with cars waiting to enter the road.


Even though it was Monday, the entrance to the store was restricted.


Customers will be lined up under the summer sun while they wait, so the store staff will prepare a parasol and say, “Please feel free to use it!”


Of course, pets are not allowed in the store.


The store is very crowded despite the restricted admission.


The tomatoes I bought here last time were cheap and delicious, so I bought them first …


And the shopping cart was full of vegetables on both the top and bottom.


Every Sunday and Monday is “Fish Day”. The tuna I bought here last time was delicious, so I bought tuna and some other items on this day as well.


It looks frozen in the photo, but it’s hot outside, so when you open the case, it instantly becomes this state, but it’s not frozen. One pack of tuna for sashimi is 2000 yen, but if you eat it, you’ll be satisfied!


I also bought Satsuma-age. Satsuma-age is a flied fish cake.


I also bought flowers, and that’s all for today here.


Go back to the car and let Konatsu drink water. Of course, the air conditioner is on while Konatsu is waiting, but she still seems to be thirsty.



I was discharged safely a few days ago. Thank you to many people for their concern. When I got home, I was enthusiastically welcomed by Konatsu as expected, and I was very happy. From now on, I will gradually increase the pace of blog updates while regaining the rhythm of my life.