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Due to the warm weather today, it felt like spring all at once, and the center of Kamakura was very crowded.


Not pictured here, but some of them are wearing short sleeves. Isn’t it a little early for that? I don’t know if it’s too early for that, but…


All the parking lots in the city center were full because of the influx of tourists today. One by one, cars wandered into the alleys looking for a parking space, but…


Even if you take the back roads, they are all full. So what did I do?


There is a parking lot that only the locals know about, lol.


While waiting for my wife to go shopping, Konatsu and I went for a walk in a quiet place with few people.


It looks like the rickshaws are very busy today.

There are many temples in this area if you walk around a bit. Hereupon is Hiruko Shrine.


We are walking along Komachi-oji.


The main gate of Myohonji Temple came into view.


This is a quiet and pleasant temple, and I heard that this temple is also closely related to Yoritomo and Saint Nichiren.
※Yoritomo,he established Kamakura shogunate and was the very first general of the Kamakura shogunate.


There is also a statue of Saint Nichiren in the precincts.


Kamakura is now a very popular tourist destination, and TV historical dramas are on the air. This is the flag that tells us that this temple is a place with a connection to that history.


It’s only the beginning of the crowds, but it will probably be great around the holidays in May.

Нет войне 戦争反対!



In Japan, the invasion of Ukraine by Russia has been reported in the news, but many people may feel that it happened far away. I can’t do anything about it myself, but since this is a blog where people from many countries visit, I would like to share at least my voice.

No war! Peace to Ukraine!
In Russia, there is a “demand for Putin’s resignation” from within the military. Putin should resign immediately accordingly.

В Японии о российском вторжении в Украину сообщалось в новостях, но многие люди могут считать, что это произошло далеко. Сам я ничего не могу с этим поделать, но поскольку этот блог посещают люди из многих стран, я хотел бы поделиться с ними своим мнением.

Никакой войны! Мир Украине!
В России среди военных раздаются требования, чтобы Путин ушел в отставку. Путин должен немедленно уйти в отставку.


I think so too.



I feel uncomfortable by the sudden news from Ukraine.
There are several people who access this blog from Ukraine. I pray for your safety. And peace to Ukraine soon!


Konatsu is also filled with the same feeling of peace.



I am here in Anjo City, Aichi Prefecture.


This is because my sister’s husband is fighting leukemia, and we are here to visit him. We left our home at 7:30 in the morning and arrived at Anjo at 12:00 in the afternoon.

約束の時間までには1時間ほどあったので、事前に調べておいたワンコと一緒に入れるカフェ「Chou & Cream」でランチすることに。

We had about an hour before our appointment, so we decided to have lunch at Chou & Cream, a café that allows dogs, which we had checked out beforehand.


When we entered the store, there were many bottles of alcohol lined up on the shelves on the wall, which was different from a dog café. The owner told me that there are many people who come here at night with their dogs for a drink.


There was also a food menu for dogs, so Konatsu had a light meal here.


After this, we went to my sister’s house, but her husband was asleep, so we could only see him. I hope he will recover miraculously.


My sister on the left, her second daughter on the right, and her grandson in the middle. Konatsu was scared, but she was doing  “paw” .


This is the Hamanako service area on the Tomei highway on the way home.


There is a large park here with a nice view where you can take your dog for a walk. It was quite a nice place. It was a bit difficult to go back to Kamakura that day, so we decided to stay in the area. Since our purpose was different from the usual fun trip, we looked for a place to stay, hoping to get some sleep. As a result…


We decided to stay at Hatagoya Fukuroi. The price varies depending on the season, but this time we paid 9,900 yen per room, including tax. Considering it was the day before a national holiday, this was reasonable!


It’s like the motels that often appear in American movies.


It was quite comfortable, with two king-sized beds, a bathroom, and most of the other necessities. There are quite a few branches all over the country, and this was something I would be happy to use in the future.


And the next day. I searched on the Internet and went to a store called “Toretate Shokurakubu” that sold local vegetables and fresh fish.


It’s like a roadside station.

安いし新鮮! たくさん買い込んできました。

Cheap and fresh! we bought a lot .


On the way back, we took a break at Suruga Bay Numazu SA on the New Tomei.


We went to a dog run and made a friend. John, a beagle dog, is also a shelter dog.


It may not have been a very fun two days for Konatsu, but we made it through the visit.



Today is my wife’s day to go to the hair salon, so I dropped her off at Shichirigahama and decided to walk around Kamakura-Hiromachi Forest with Konatsu for about an hour and a half until she was done. I actually installed a pedometer app on my phone about a week ago, but I’m still up to about 8,000 steps/day. So, I decided to walk for exercise as well.


Kamakura Hiromachi Forest is the largest forest in the city, with a total area of 48 hectares.
(48 hectares is equivalent to 118 acres)

ではいつもの広場の駐車場に車を置いて、さあ出発! 後ろの森が広町緑地の東端だ。

So we left the car in the parking lot of the usual plaza, and off we went! The forest behind us is the eastern edge of the Hiromachi Forest.


As soon as we entered the forest from the entrance of the purification center, we went up a steep slope.


Does it smell like an animal? Konatsu is sniffing here and there like this.


After climbing up the hill, we came to this road, but it was still very up and down. The road was muddy from yesterday’s rain, so we had to be careful on the descents.


After walking for a while…


There was a transparent sheet attached to the tree with a number written on it. What is it?


Apparently, this is what happened. I later found out that oak wilt has been confirmed in Kanagawa Prefecture in the past few years, causing widespread damage to Quercus serrata and Shii oak trees. It is said that the fungus is brought inside the trees by a small insect called “kashinaga”. As a countermeasure, they are injecting medicine into the trees and wrapping sheets around them.


This is what happens to the trees that are damaged. I didn’t know that.


Back to the walk again. We entered through entrance ⑪ and are now at ⑬.


From here, we could see Sagami Bay and beyond that, the Miura Peninsula. After this, I plan to walk to the entrance of ⑭Shichirigahama, leave the forest, and walk the outer course back to the starting point.


This is the Shichirigahama exit. The distance from the entrance is about 2km.


As soon as we got out, it was a residential area.


From here, we went down the same road we always drive on.

その途中の「雨乞の池」 それは、鎌倉時代の干ばつに苦しんだ年に日蓮上人がここでお経を唱え、大雨が降ったという伝説の地。

On the way, there is a pond called “A pond begging for rain.”. There is a legend that during the Kamakura period (1185-1333), when the area was suffering from a drought, Saint Nichiren chanted a sutra here and it rained heavily.


Konatsu’s footsteps were light as she continued downhill.


At the end of the road, the descent ends.


Konatsu also looked tired.


At last, we could see the purification center where we started.


When I looked at my pedometer, I realized that I had walked a lot…..

がぁ~ん。。。。 たったの4800歩しか歩いてない

No way ! I only walked 4,800 steps.
But well, I went up and down the mountain path, so I got more exercise than my steps! I can’t help but feel satisfied with myself lol


On the way back, the ocean was beautiful.



Continuation of Day 4
On the way back to Karuizawa from Hakuba, I found a roadside station called “Nakajo”. I decided to stop here, thinking that I probably wouldn’t be passing this way in the future.


Then I saw this suspicious beer. Nagano Zenkoji = Shichimi Pepper, so it’s not hard to understand. ( Shichimi pepper is a mixture of red pepper and other spices. )


The beer was a collaboration between shichimi peppers from a long-established restaurant and a local beer, and it was described as having an exquisite tangy flavor. I bought one can, just to try things out, or like a curious eye.


Returning to Karuizawa, we checked in at the Tokyu Harvest Club Karuizawa for the day.

この時こなつは何かいつもと違うなあという雰囲気を感じ取っているようです。君はなかなか鋭い! というのも、この日の夜はイタリアンの人気店「エンボカ」を旅行に来る前から予約してあり、こなつは2時間ほどお留守番なのです。

At this time, Konatsu seems to sense that there is something different about the atmosphere. “You are quite perceptive!” Because we had a reservation at a popular Italian restaurant called “Emboca” for dinner, and Konatsu had to stay at the room for about two hours.


“Are you really going to leave me?” she said with a grudging look on her face. I’m sorry, but I can’t take Konatsu to this restaurant today.
(They have a terrace where pets are allowed in summer.)


So, leaving Konatsu behind, we walked to the restaurant.


It’s 6:30 p.m., and no one is walking around. There are no people in sight.


After a six to seven minute walk, we arrived at Emboca.


It was a weekday, but the restaurant was quite crowded.


Looking at the drink menu, there are about 50 Belgian beers on offer, which is a great selection for pale ale lovers. We started with Duvel, a golden ale. The smell of hops! It’s delicious.


The first dish we ordered was…


Assorted vegetables baked in a wood-fired oven. Served with rock salt or sauce.


On this day, we reserved a counter seat so we could watch the food being prepared in front of us. The second dish was an assortment of smoked seafood, meat, and cheese.


It’s all so good!


The pizza here is outstandingly delicious. That is why I ordered the Margherita and lotus root half and half.


The second beer was a Westmalle Double. Fruity, but with a pleasant bitterness, good!


I’ve been hungry today, so I’m going to eat more and more (lol). Iberian and Parma cured ham.


We ended up with red wine, but to be honest, I don’t remember much about the taste of the wine because the beer up to that point had been so intensely delicious.


The final dish was a dessert pizza made with seasonal fruits. This was also very delicious.


It was definitely a restaurant that made me want to come back.


We ate a lot of good food and didn’t mind the cold on the way hotel. This time we stayed in Karuizawa for four days and three nights, it was a good vacation with lots of fun.


The next day, we will go back over the pass.



Day 3
When I woke up in the morning and went outside, I found that my car was like this because of last night’s snow pile. At that time, the staff of Regina was using an electric snowblower to shovel the snow, and it was the first time I learned that there was such a convenient thing.


I cleared the snow off my car by hand and managed to get it running. Since we hadn’t moved around much the day before, we decided to check out early and go to Hakuba.


After our last breakfast in Regina, we’re off to Hakuba!

R18号線を西へ向かいます。   Head west on the R18.


We entered the Joshinetsu Expressway at the Komoro Interchange and headed for Nagano.


One hour after the Nagano IC, the Northern Alps came into view. Our destination was almost there.


Arriving in Hakuba, the view is spectacular. The reason why we decided to come to Hakuba today is because there is a bakery here that we have known for about 20 years, “Mont Pigeon”, but for the past three years we have not been able to come here because the summer Seigi Ozawa Festival was cancelled due to COVID-19.


This is Mont Pigeon. The bread is delicious, the store is cozy, and the owner sisters are always happy to talk. So, We feel like we’re visiting a friend’s house.


The store’s signature dogs, Kohta (left, ♂ 3 years old) and Cinnamon (right, ♀ 8 years old), are both third generation Kohta and Cinnamon.


Konatsu has been coming here since she was a puppy, so she probably remembers this place and seems to be relaxed.


It was so good that I almost ate too much, but I thought about dinner, so I had a sandwich and a muffin and a cup of tea.


It’s quite impressive to see two big golden retrievers. After a short stay of just over an hour, we left Mont Pigeon with a sense of regret as I was going back to Karuizawa.


I’ll continue later.



The second day in Karuizawa. The weather forecast said the temperature would drop this day, but…


It was so cold in the morning.


The roads were completely frozen, but I still had to take Konatsu for a walk.


Konatsu loves the snow, so she walked around with her tail wagging.


After the walk, we had breakfast.


This is Konatsu’s breakfast, minced beef balls and chicken soboro. Looks delicious!


This is our breakfast. We didn’t plan to go far that day, so after breakfast, we watched the Beijing Olympics on the TV in our room.


This is Sawamura, a popular bakery in Karuizawa. We had lunch here today.


We were the only ones to have lunch with our dogs on the terrace in such cold weather, but since we were well protected from the cold, we didn’t mind the cold.


I had a Karuizawa hot dog and coffee. You can’t really see it in this picture, but there was a lot of pickle between the bread and sausage, which was very tasty.


In the afternoon, we went shopping at the outlet mall. Konatsu also bought a piece of clothing at Dogdept.


As we were leaving, it started to snow heavily and it looked like it was going to snow heavily as forecasted.


Back in the room, dinner time was approaching. Konatsu quickly changed into the clothes she had bought.

うん、いいねえ! さあ、これでレストランへ行きましょう!

Yeah, I like that! Now, let’s go to the restaurant with this!


Konatsu had the same steamed salmon as the day before, so I’ll skip the pictures here, but she was still a good eater. Our Japanese food was also delicious, and we were highly satisfied with our dinner after the previous day.


In the meantime, the snow continues to fall, and I’m looking forward to seeing what tomorrow morning will bring.



This time it is a travelogue to Karuizawa. We bring a bed into the back seat of the car to create a living space for Konatsu so that she won’t get tired after a long ride. Let’s go!


The journey from our house to Karuizawa took about four hours, including breaks along the way…


When we entered Gunma Prefecture and stopped at the Joshinetsu Expressway SA, there was quite a bit of snow.


The closer we got to Karuizawa, the more the scenery from the car started to look like this.


Then we arrived at Regina Resort Kyu-Karuizawa.


There are various places in the facility that you can enjoy with your dog, including a cafe by day and a bar lounge by night.


This time we stayed in room 206.


With this space, there’s plenty of room for three people plus one dog.


The bathrooms are comfortable.

ここは施設内のドッグラン。ここ数年はこなつを雪遊びに連れて行ってやれなかったので、これなら楽しめる! 雪が降った直後のちょうど良いタイミングの旅行だった。

This is the dog park in the facility. I haven’t been able to take Konatsu out to play in the snow for the past few years, so this would be fun! The timing of the trip was just right, right after it snowed.

姉と妹の図 They’re like sisters.


After this, it’s dinner time.


The Japanese food here has a reputation for being delicious, so I’m looking forward to it!

これはこなつ用の「信州サーモンの蒸し焼き」Lサイズ(笑) あっという間に完食でした。美味しかったんだろうね、人間でも食べれそうだもの。

This is a large size “steamed Shinshu salmon” for Konatsu (lol). It was eaten up in no time! It must have been delicious, because it looks like it could be eaten by humans.


I can’t comment like a gourmet reporter, but for example, each of the appetizers in the upper left corner is even better than it looks. If I were to comment on everything, there would be no end to it, so I won’t…


This is what we drank with the appetizer. You would think that since it’s Obuse Winery, it would naturally be wine, but it’s actually sake made by Obuse Winery. It’s a limited edition, so each person can only have one glass, but it’s crisp and dry and goes very well with the five appetizers. We were able to enjoy something very precious.


It was a fun dinner time with more food and drinks. The lady who was working at the hall that day happened to be someone we had met when we went to Regina in Tateshina, so we had a nice reunion. I guess such coincidences are one of the joys of travel.


The restaurant here has high partitions separating each table, and I feel that the infection control is well done. This was the end of the first day.



I was expecting to be able to drive on snowy roads again since heavy snow was forecasted, but it started raining in the morning. and when I went to work, it started snowing around noon in Tokyo. The Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway had closed some of its routes in preparation for the heavy snow, and I didn’t want to get stuck in traffic if it snowed heavily, so I left work early and came home.

When I came home, it was just time for Konatsu’s evening walk. My wife was going to take her out today.


I was going to go with her to take a picture of Konatsu, but when I went outside to take a test shot, the snow didn’t show up at all, so I decided not to go.


Konatsu has a “why don’t you go with me” look on her face, though.


Can you see it’s snowing in this picture? But it doesn’t look like it’s going to be all white with snow… Having grown up in a warmer climate, I’m always happy when there’s snow on the ground.



The owner of HANA, a neighborhood dog friend, made cookies with the faces of the dogs on them. They were indescribably cute and everyone was so happy.


This time he made four of them: Konatsu, Maron, Shiba, and the late Futa.



I heard that when he made Konatsu’s, the film stuck to it and he made a mistake, but it gives off a great vibe!



Maron looks like this when he smiles. It looks very much alike.



Shiba has prosthetic eyes now, this photo was taken five years ago.



He’s the late Futa, so he has an angel ring on his head…


This is HANA’s owner. Thank you very much. It made us very happy!


Konatsu went to the veterinary clinic yesterday for a shampoo cut and tartar removal. When I got home, I could smell the good smell of shampoo on Konatsu’s body, and I’m sure she feels great.


I always have Konatsu’s tartar removal done without anesthesia, but this time, since it had been about four months, the doctor said, “There was so much tartar on her teeth that she needed anesthesia, but she was able to do it without anesthesia because she was so quiet even with the ultrasonic scaler. The doctor said. Oh well, I’m glad.
※The black part at the root of the tooth is the discoloration of the gum. It was not left behind.



February 3rd is the day of Setsubun. It means the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

後始末が大変にならないように小袋で、鬼は~そと!、福は~うち! を済ませて、、、

and in Japan, there is a legend that demons come at the turn of the season. , so we throw beans to get rid of them. “Damon go outside, Happiness come inside! ” And so on.


After the bean-throwing, the next step is to make Ehomaki.


Ebomaki is a sushi roll like the one in the photo. On the night of Setsubun, people eat it in silence while thinking of their wishes in the direction of Eboshi. Eboshi is the direction that is considered to be the best for the year. The two of us will eat it first, then I’ll prepare one for Konatsu.


Sushi rice has sugar and vinegar in it, so for konatsu, roll the rice thinly around the omelet.

それ、アタシのですよね? と見つめている。

That’s mine, isn’t it? And she’s staring at it.


It is now ready for Konatsu.

これでこなつにも福が来るのだろうか? 必ず来る、と思いたい。

I wonder if this will bring good fortune to Konatsu? I would like to think that it will.



These days, Konatsu eats this kind of food almost every day.



Four spoonfuls of dry food. This is not enough, so…


Beef for topping.


Pour some of the cooking water over it. compleated!


Konatsu would be finished in a flash.

これで終わりじゃないよね?まだありますよね? とママの方を見ているが、、、

This isn’t the end, is it? There’s more, isn’t there? And she was looking at my wife, and…

出てくるんだよねえ、これが。。。  大好物のお刺身!

It’s her favorite sashimi!


Konatsu would go back and forth between the two of us and finally be satisfied. For Konatsu, this may be like a dessert. I am careful not to take in too many calories so as not to make her fat.


She still looks like she doesn’t have enough, but we don’t give her any more. Konatsu seems to understand that this is the end, and doesn’t ask for more. She is a very perceptive dog.