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Like September, this time we are traveling with Anzu family. The first night was at Carlo Elfo in Lake Yamanaka, and the second night was at Tokyu Harvest Club in Hakone, and now I’m back at my home in Kamakura.


On the 11th of the first day, the typhoon had just passed in the morning, so it was rare that there was such an empty Tomei Expressway. (This is near Hadano-Nakai)


Get off the Tomei Expressway at Gotemba IC, go through the Kagosaka Pass and head for Lake Yamanaka.


On the way, I took a break at Roadside market Subashiri and while my wife was shopping, I and Konatsu walked to Fuji Sengen Shrine.


When I started walking, Mt. Fuji appeared in front of me.


It takes only 15 minutes from here to Lake Yamanaka. After this I headed to the meeting spot with Anzu family.


The hotel check-in is at 15:00, so we spent some time here before heading to Carlo Elfo.

ここです。   Here it is.


The bedroom is on the 2nd floor.


There is a large dog park right in front of the room, which is quite comfortable. Time went by and it was time for dinner.


Meal was taken to each room so we decided to eat together. We stayed at several places in the Carlo group, but my wife and I agreed that Elfo might be the best dinner.


This is the end of the first day.