I am here in Anjo City, Aichi Prefecture.


This is because my sister’s husband is fighting leukemia, and we are here to visit him. We left our home at 7:30 in the morning and arrived at Anjo at 12:00 in the afternoon.

約束の時間までには1時間ほどあったので、事前に調べておいたワンコと一緒に入れるカフェ「Chou & Cream」でランチすることに。

We had about an hour before our appointment, so we decided to have lunch at Chou & Cream, a café that allows dogs, which we had checked out beforehand.


When we entered the store, there were many bottles of alcohol lined up on the shelves on the wall, which was different from a dog café. The owner told me that there are many people who come here at night with their dogs for a drink.


There was also a food menu for dogs, so Konatsu had a light meal here.


After this, we went to my sister’s house, but her husband was asleep, so we could only see him. I hope he will recover miraculously.


My sister on the left, her second daughter on the right, and her grandson in the middle. Konatsu was scared, but she was doing  “paw” .


This is the Hamanako service area on the Tomei highway on the way home.


There is a large park here with a nice view where you can take your dog for a walk. It was quite a nice place. It was a bit difficult to go back to Kamakura that day, so we decided to stay in the area. Since our purpose was different from the usual fun trip, we looked for a place to stay, hoping to get some sleep. As a result…


We decided to stay at Hatagoya Fukuroi. The price varies depending on the season, but this time we paid 9,900 yen per room, including tax. Considering it was the day before a national holiday, this was reasonable!


It’s like the motels that often appear in American movies.


It was quite comfortable, with two king-sized beds, a bathroom, and most of the other necessities. There are quite a few branches all over the country, and this was something I would be happy to use in the future.


And the next day. I searched on the Internet and went to a store called “Toretate Shokurakubu” that sold local vegetables and fresh fish.


It’s like a roadside station.

安いし新鮮! たくさん買い込んできました。

Cheap and fresh! we bought a lot .


On the way back, we took a break at Suruga Bay Numazu SA on the New Tomei.


We went to a dog run and made a friend. John, a beagle dog, is also a shelter dog.


It may not have been a very fun two days for Konatsu, but we made it through the visit.