Last week and this week we were hit by a typhoon on two consecutive weekends, and the weather was bad, but today the rain finally stopped. Shizuoka Prefecture seems to have been severely damaged, and I am worried because I know a lot of people there.


On Saturday evening, I went out to walk Konatsu and immediately met HANA, a Shiba dog. Konatsu and HANA are good friends, so we decided to walk together.


Konatsu and HANA are close in age, and when they were younger they used to play with each other when they met, but now they can no longer play like that.


After walking for a while, this time Ange, a Bernese mountain dog, came along.


Ange is still a puppy, but she is now weighing 26kg and has grown up to be bigger than Konatsu in no time. But she still has a cute puppy-like face.


HANA doesn’t look her age either, she looks very young.


We went shopping afterwards, so we walked a lot today.


Konatsu is waiting in front of the supermarket for my wife to finish shopping.