BioTOPIA ~ 伊豆山神社


The day after our visit to Hakone, we went to BioTOPIA (near the Oimatsuda IC of the Tomei Expressway) recommended by Anne’s owner. This was a great place to take the dog, so I will introduce it to you.


According to a search on the Internet, this BioTOPIA is a “facility for improving pre-symptomatic diseases” by Kanagawa Prefecture in cooperation with this area. If you are interested in pre-symptomatic diseases, please visit Kanagawa Prefecture page.


There is a cafe terrace and marche on the first floor, and the garden there is such a pleasant space. Konatsu and Anne walked around here for a while and then we all had tea together.

屋内にはワンコは入れませんが、こんな素晴らしいものを発見! ↓

No doggies allowed indoors, but we found this amazing thing! ↓


Free sparkling water!


No matter how many refills you want, it’s free. I thought to myself, “If that’s the case, why don’t I order coffee? But we would feel bad if we did, so we ordered coffee and tea.


We parted from Anne’s family here and headed for Izusan Shrine. Izusan Shrine is a power spot that bring good luck (or so we were told).


This is Izusan Shrine. The shrine grounds are spread out over a vast area from the bottom of the mountain to the top, so it would be difficult to walk all the way around. The photo above is the main shrine.


Konatsu visited the shrine with us.


I tried to walk a little higher up, but…


This is the path leading to Hakusan Shrine. The narrow uphill slope on the right is the route.


It seems impossible to climb up this slope with Konatsu. The Hongu shrine is just ahead, but I gave up and decided to return here.


It contains a story that is over 800 years old.


In an effort to bring good luck to our family, we bought good luck charms for my wife and I and for Konatsu.


The main shrine where we were at this time is located at such a high place. Izu Oshima Island can be seen in the distance.