Last week, my PC suddenly went sick and I couldn’t send or receive emails, or other errors were displayed. So I tried “System Restore” to get it back to a good state a few days ago, but it still doesn’t work. Finally, as a last resort, I decided to return the PC to the initial state, prepared for the need for various troublesome things.


There are many things to do before this, but I will omit the introduction here and start recovery. It’s a screen that you rarely see, so please watch the progress.


This screen will appear after a while. And wait about 15 minutes …


Reinstallation of windows starts. Did this take about 30 minutes while repeatedly restarting?


It’s annoying to wait around here.


This is also an unavoidable task. Forgetting your Microsoft account can be troublesome.


I’m still waiting …


Recovery is finally complete. After this, the PC is dangerous unless anti-virus measures are taken first. This PC has McAfee preset, but I don’t like McAfee, so uninstall it and replace it with another one.


When everything is done, restore the backed up data. Now this PC is back in the same condition as the new one I just bought.


I didn’t pay attention to Konatsu, and the weather has been so bad these days that she couldn’t even go to the balcony, so it’s boring! It is a face.